Richelle Mead (blue_succubus) wrote,
Richelle Mead

It's a signing kind of week

Just want to remind Oregonians that I'll be signing in Salem this coming weekend, with a whole posse of people: Mark Henry, Kat Richardson, Caitlin Kittredge, Cherie Priest, and Devon Monk. It's from 12-2pm on Saturday the 18th at Escape Fiction Bookstore, 3240 Triangle Dr SE. I'm told there will be snacks(!), and it's the kind of event you can hang out at. So, please come on by if you're in the area. Good times will be had by all. Bring any books you've got; I'll sign 'em all.

And, if you're in Seattle this week, looking for some good events to hit, I've got a couple suggestions. Caitlin Kittredge (whose latest releases were pimped over here) will be reading and signing with Kevin Radthorne on Wednesday at 7pm, at University Bookstore's main branch in the U District (4326 University Way NE). Come on down for more good times.

Also at University Bookstore, Lisa Mantchev will be signing for her debut book release, Eyes Like Stars, on Thursday at 7pm. Admit it: even if you knew nothing about the book, you'd want to read it for this gorgeous cover:

It's a YA book about a girl raised in a theatre where the worlds and characters come to life. Lisa's page can explain it better than me. A first book is always a scary thing--the signings doubly so! I was terrified no one would come to mine. So, come hear Lisa read and take a chance on finding something awesome.

Oh, and for those new to my blog (welcome!), here's where you can find the latest list of my signings and locations. Okay, that's it. Off to work for me. Happy Monday, all. (And Tuesday, for Australians).
Tags: author friends, book signings
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