Richelle Mead (blue_succubus) wrote,
Richelle Mead

5th of July

I've been really exhausted this weekend, so this is going to be another short post with just a couple quick announcements. First, a signing announcement--but not for me. My friends Caitlin Kittredge and Vicki Pettersson will be doing a panel at the Clark County Library in Las Vegas (1401 E Flamingo Rd) tomorrow, July 6, at 7pm. They'll be talking about superheroes and signing books if you bring them. So, if you're fans of those ladies, go visit!

Second, thanks for all the feedback about the new site. For those who asked, I did do it myself, but like so many others, I used a program to help--Microsoft Web Expressions. I do have basic HTML skills, but a program likes that makes websites a lot easier (and nicer looking) than if I hand-coded--which I've done in the past! lolcatz served as a consultant on some of the aesthetics, as well as therapist/tech support when parts of the process frustrated me.

So, that's my weekend report. I hope my American readers had a nice Fourth of July! I spent mine on a 17th floor balcony of Expedia in downtown Bellevue, four blocks away from where the city's fireworks show was being shot off of a parking garage roof. It was pretty sweet. We got on the balcony courtesy of my friend who works at Expedia, so if you need to book travel plans, make sure you use them so that he can keep his job and let us come back next year.
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