December 27th, 2011

Spice Cat

Shadow Heir release day!

Oh, hey. Check it out! Today is Shadow Heir's official release day in the U.S., making it, let's see...seventeenth novel in print. Yikes. Seventeen? How does that happen? One word at a time, I guess.

The UK has a slightly later release date, though I'm told UK Kindle users can already download it. Australia usually follows the UK, though places like Rendezvous Books sell U.S. imports and ship within Australia. Other countries, as always, are unknown to me. The translations usually come later, and English imports depend on what stores you can find within your own country.

In the meantime, RT Magazine is holding a contest for ALL of the Dark Swan books, which is pretty nice of them. It's U.S. only, and you can find their details here.

Books aside, I hope all of you are enjoying the holidays. My family had a pretty awesome Christmas, with lots of delicious food and a very spoiled (and adorable, if I do say so myself) baby. I'm getting work done today, since my husband has the week off. It's hard to believe 2011 is almost over! This has definitely been a big year for me--and certainly the most memorable! I should have some cool news for you guys in January, as well as a ton of international book covers that I'm behind on. Good times.