December 17th, 2011


Reminder for signed holiday books

As I watch the clock tick down on my own holiday shopping, I realize I haven't been good about keeping people informed about theirs. If you're interested in getting signed books from University Bookstore as presents, people in the U.S. should have their orders placed by this weekend to make it in time for Christmas. I will be signing orders on Monday or Tuesday. The store offers free shipping above a certain $ amount, but I believe that goes via media mail, which isn't always the fastest. Springing for priority mail would be safer to make sure you get your gifts on time (this is my speculation - I make no promises for the store or the post office!). Unfortunately, it's probably too late for people outside the U.S. to get books by Christmas, unless you paid for some really expensive express shipping. But, if you just want autographed books for other reasons, you can order anytime. University Bookstore's ordering info is here. They carry all of my titles that are currently out, except for individual issues of the Dark Swan comic (since those are sold out).

The timing for this month's new releases is kind of unfortunate for Christmas. Shadow Heir definitely can't ship before Christmas, since its release date is December 27. The Storm Born graphic novel compilation (issues 1-4) comes out December 21, and the Vampire Academy Ultimate Guide comes out December 22. You can probably find those two before Christmas from major bookstores and book websites, but I'm almost certain there won't be enough time for me to sign them for University Books. So, if you want them as unsigned gifts, look around elsewhere and you should be good to go. Signed ones will still be available, of course, but they wouldn't reach you until after the holidays.

I hope that all makes sense! For Vampire Academy gear, Arcane Vault and Cadsawn Jewelry have some pretty awesome stuff, but you'll have to contact them directly for holiday shipping info.

As for me, I'm back to work since my favorite nanny (aka my husband) is watching the baby today. I might have another neighbor blog post coming up soon, so stay tuned!