December 4th, 2011

German cover of Frostbite

Holiday Shopping

Here I am, belated on blog posting once again. Geez, Richelle. Get with it!

There's a whole bunch of book stuff I need to sort out so that you guys know what's coming out in Richelleland. Let me see if I can get us organized here...

Shadow Heir
The final chapter in Eugenie's saga comes out this month in the U.S. on December 27. Check the previous blog post for an excerpt. University Bookstore will be selling autographed copies per usual, so you can check here for the instructions on pre-ordering a signed edition. So exciting...and bittersweet!

The Vampire Academy Ultimate Guide
Yup - there's going to be a handy, concise source of all things VA. It covers all the characters and goes over all the books in detail. This comes out on December 22 in the U.S. and is already out in Australia. It has color pictures and quizzes - and I'm embarrassed to admit there were a couple quiz questions I couldn't answer! The fab Michelle Rowen did the bulk of the writing for it, and there are intros about each book by me, as well as my take on some of the plots. Some stores list it under my name, some under Michelle's. So check both if you can't find it, and yup, University Bookstore will have signed copies of this too.

The Eugenie Comic
Issue #4 just came out. You can find it at local comic stores, and it will eventually be on Sea Lion's site (which currently has issues #1-3). University Books also has a handful of copies for sale, but this is the last individual issue they'll be selling. It was getting a little crazy with orders, so from now on, they're only going to carry bound editions. So, when the collected set of #1-4 comes out, they'll have that, and later, the collected set of #5-8. But no individual 5-8s. Hope that makes sense!

The Golden Lily
As people start to discover the Bloodlines series, there are more and more questions about when the next book comes out. #2, The Golden Lily will be out on June 19, 2012 in the US/Australia/UK. As always, translations take longer. I'm happy to report, however, that more and more countries are getting on board and making deals to publish it in their native languages. I'll get a list soon of which countries have done that.

Last Sacrifice in paperback
In the U.S., these come out in both paperback and hardcover (other countries tend to do one or the other). Anyway, the paperback just came out a couple weeks ago here, so it's now possible to have a complete paperback set of the whole series.

Okay, that's the latest on what to expect from me. Hope I covered everything!

ADDENDUM: I did forget something! The Frostbite graphic novel will be out on April 26, 2012. It's done by Emma Viecelli, the same awesome artist who did the first one. Frostbite has some of the most awesome scenes of the series, and they look great. University Books (and other major bookstores) will have this too.