November 5th, 2011

French Succubus Nights

Playing catch-up

Now that I've blogged a couple of times on motherhood and my stance on teenage pregnancy, let's turn to the business side of things and catch up on what's new and exciting in the world of Richelle Mead.

* The GoodReads Choice Awards have released their first round of nominees, and I've been nominated three times: Succubus Revealed for Best Paranormal Fantasy, Bloodlines for Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction, and the Vampire Academy graphic novel for Best Graphic Novel/Comic. I'm so flattered! If you want to vote, those links will take you there. There are lots of other good books up too, so check them all out.

* And speaking of votes/contests, a lot of people have been asking about the Rose and Dimitri short story I promised as a reward for a past vote. I've mentioned this a few times here in the blog, but I know it's easy for people to miss things: that story won't be out until late 2012, in an anthology with other authors. When I have an exact date, I'll let you know! And remember--it's a short story. Internet rumors keep spreading about it being another book. :)

* Shadow Heir's release date has moved up to December 27, so save your holiday gift cards! We'll be seeing its excerpt posted in the middle of this month.

* Issue #3 of the Dark Swan comic is out. You can check out the publisher's online store here or order autographed copies from University Bookstore. This is the issue where Eugenie goes to the Otherworld!

* Arcane Vault has added some new stuff since my last update, so if you're looking for official VA merchandise, look no further.

Good stuff! And now, perhaps the most exciting news of all: my husband's watching the baby today, so I'm going to get some writing done...