September 22nd, 2011

German Shadow Kiss

First post-baby appearance!

Considering I can barely keep up with my Internet empire, it shouldn't be a surprise that I'm not planning on doing any hardcore touring or signings until The Golden Lily comes out in June 2012. However, when a signing comes to me, it's hard to refuse.

In a week and a half, suburban Seattle will be hosting the Northwest Bookfest. Seeing as I live in suburban Seattle, this location is pretty convenient for me. The event is two days long, October 1 & 2, and is jam-packed with authors, panels, and signings. All genres and styles are covered. On Saturday, October 1, my pals Kat Richardson, Cherie Priest, Mark Henry, and Mark Teppo will be talking about steampunk. On Sunday, October 2, I'll be talking teen stuff with the Smart Chicks.

If you're not familiar with the Smart Chicks, they're a group of YA authors that go on a national tour each year, with different authors rotating through. You can read more about their schedule here. Even if you don't live in Seattle, maybe they'll be touring near you. We'll be doing three panels on October 2, and here are the times and awesome YA authors appearing:

1pm - Boundaries and Older YA

Moderator = Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Stephanie Kuehnert
Melissa Marr
Richelle Mead
Sara Zarr

2PM - First Teen Reads

Moderator = Melissa Marr
Kelley Armstrong
Jennifer Barnes
Rachel Caine
Sophie Jordan

3PM - Mixing Genres/Ages

Moderator = Kelley Armstrong
Melissa de la Cruz
Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Jeri Smith-Ready
Margaret Stohl
Rachel Vincent

Awesome, huh? At 4pm, after the panels, we'll be doing a book signing. There will be books on sale, and you can bring your own (YA or adult). This is a pretty amazing chance to get lots of books signed by a whole bunch of authors. What's also cool is that if the crowd size is manageable, we'll sign as many books as you can bring. If it turns out the crowd is ginormous, we'll still sign three books per person with two of them personalized. It sounds ambiguous, but it's the kind of thing we have to play by ear. You never know if 5 or 500 people will show up, and we don't want people waiting forever! But like I said--3 guaranteed and maybe more. We'll also do pictures. And you can download and print a Smart Chicks poster here and get it signed by all the authors. So, even if you don't bring books, you can still hang out at the panels and get something signed.

Sound good? I think so. I'm excited too because this is my first signing after the baby. I love being at home with him, but it's going to be a lot of fun to be back out and working again. Plus, it'll make sure I keep in practice for next year's big tour. So, if you live in Seattle or anywhere nearby, check out the Northwest Bookfest's page. It contains all the info you'll need on schedules, other authors, and location. Hope to see you there!