August 18th, 2011

German cover of Frostbite

Still more Bloodlines promo! Today's chat, updates, and more!

Wow, it's becoming increasingly hard to keep up with all the Bloodlines promo going on! There are a few different groups doing it along with me, so I keep having to round up what everyone's doing.

Here's the latest as we count down...

Live Facebook Chat - with me! TODAY!

At the time of this posting, we're less than four hours away from the chat. The chat is being run through Project Paranormal on Facebook. So, you need to be a FB user and "like" their page. When the chat time starts, I'll post a welcome message on the wall (as Project Paranormal) and then you can start posting your questions on the wall! I'll try to answer as many as I can in our hour, but be patient if things are crazy since it's easy to miss things. Keep in mind also that I don't always have the answers and can't always reveal future things either. :) Lastly, if you go to the chat, be advised THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. People may be asking about things you might not have read, so be careful! All in all, this should be super fun, and I can't wait to talk to all of you!

Start time: 2pm today (August 18) on the US West Coast, 5pm on the US East coast. That works out to 10pm in the UK and 11pm in western Europe. It's 7am (on August 19) in Australia EST and 5am in Australia WST. For other places or if in doubt, use this time zone converter. Put in August 18, 5pm, USA - New York for "convert from" and then have it convert to where you live to show you when the chat starts in your time zone. Good luck! Talk to you soon.

****Update: the chat has come and gone! Thanks so much to those who participated, and I'm so sorry I couldn't answer everything. We got an insane response, and an hour flies by. Thank you again! You guys are great.****

The first FOUR chapters of Bloodlines are posted!

Along with a new book trailer (remember, book trailers aren't movie trailers). Check it all out right here.

Bloodlines Contest

The contest I was running for autographed books has closed, and winners have been notified. If you were one of the nine out of 3000 entries, then congratulations! There should be a message in your inbox. Winners were chosen by a random number draw, and about half the winners were from countries outside the US. So, we got a good representation! Thanks so much to everyone who entered. We hope you have fun and appreciate all the excitement. Hope you all love Bloodlines! Prizes will be mailed out when all of the winners have responded back. We're hoping that'll be within the next week but don't know for sure yet.

Tattoo Generator!

Over on Penguin's Bloodlines page, they've just launched an app where you can get quizzed to see which VA tattoo best suits you and then upload your picture to try it on. It's pretty fun, and you can check it out here.

VA Recap a la Facebook

This isn't really Bloodlines promo, but I love it so much. Penguin Between the Lines recapped the first part of Vampire Academy as it would happen on Facebook, complete with characters checking in on Foursquare and "liking" each other's status. Good times.