August 13th, 2011

The Golden Lily cover

Promo extravaganza! Contests, chats, and more!

Bloodlines comes out in ten days, and there are so many promo things going on that I finally figured I should round them all up into one post for your (and my) convenience. It's getting too easy to lose track! Here we go.

Note: If you're thinking this post seems short for something with an "extravaganza" title, it's because a lot of the things have expired and were deleted from this page. Here's what's still going on:

* Live chat...with me!
On August 18, 2pm Pacific Time, I'll be live chatting over at Project Paranormal on Facebook. You do have to be a FB member and "like" their page. Then, when the chat starts (not before), post your questions on the wall as you normally would in FB. I'll do my best to get through them in an hour! We may not get to everything if there's a huge rush, and duplicates may get skipped...but like I said, we'll see what we can do. 2pm US Pacific on 8/18 is 5pm US Eastern time, 10pm in the UK, and 11pm in western Europe. In Australia, this will technically be on 8/19, 7am in Australian EST and 5am Australian WST. For other time zones in the world or questions use this time zone converter. This chat is being run as part of the Bloodlines promo, but you can ask questions about other things. Just know it's not a license for me to answer everything in the world! You should know by now how cautious I am with spoilers. :)

* Bloodlines 1020 Challenge
Man, Facebook's everywhere, isn't it? Over on the Bloodlines Official Global Page, they're trying to reach 20,000 likes. They're half-way there, and if they hit 20k, they'll release an early video of me revealing a BIG secret from Bloodlines. So, if that's something you'd be into, head on over and help them out!