August 5th, 2011

UK Succubus Heat

Deadline to order signed books

I'll start off by saying that, as always, you can purchase my books at any store you like. Big online sites like Amazon and B&N. Your local hometown bookstores and all the wonderful indies out there. Superstores like Target and Walmart. Kindle/Nook/Sony/etc. sites. My books aren't obscure titles, and most "real" stores in the US, Canada, and Australia should carry them or at least be able to order them.

That being said, I'm always pitching University Bookstore because I know a lot of people like ordering autographed books (especially since I won't be doing any touring until 2012). Order from them, and I'll sign your books to you before they ship. Things are tricky this time because I have a baby on the way and three new books this month. Here's the scoop if you want to order signed copies of any of my new releases coming out at the end of August, which are:

Bloodlines - August 23
Vampire Academy Graphic Novel - August 23
Succubus Revealed - August 30

University Bookstore in Seattle is taking orders for these (along with all my other titles), and I'll be coming in to autograph and personalize them before they ship out. To be guaranteed that your books will ship out on the first possible ship day (August 23 or 30, depending on the book), orders for the above three titles must be placed BEFORE August 15. This is to make sure my baby's due date doesn't delay things. Also, as you can see from this picture of when I signed Last Sacrifice mail orders in December, the bookstore needs some lead time to package them all up for shipping:

Now, if you place an order on, say, August 17 and I haven't had the baby, it's likely I can hop over to the store and still sign your book(s) in time for that first round of shipping. But, the store and I make no guarantees on that happening. Orders placed after August 15 may not go out until after the new books' release date.

So, if you want to order any signed copies from University Bookstore, the time is now! Here are the instructions. Please direct any selling questions to them. Note also that books CANNOT ship before their release dates. If you order Bloodlines and Succubus Revealed together, Bloodlines won't ship until SR's release date (August 30) unless you pay extra shipping. University Bookstore will also ship internationally, which is good since none of these August releases currently have publishing dates in non-English speaking countries yet. Again--talk to the store about shipping costs overseas.

That's the pitch for University Books and autographs. If autographs don't matter to you, then by all means, feel free to order elsewhere or even walk into a store and get the book on release day. I'm not fussy. :) I just want to make sure you have all your options! Thanks, everyone. We're almost there!

Quick addendum: I signed a large number of title pages for Bloodlines that were later inserted into final copies of the book. So, you may occasionally find some autographed copies via other bookstores (Books-A-Million carries some). These are legit! But, they're just my signature, so if you want it made out to you or for your friend's birthday, U Books is the place for customization.