August 3rd, 2011


Adrian's Lost Chapter

As promised, the reward for the Bloodlines Challenge is live! Before I get to it, I want to quickly go over something I've tried to explain but that still has people confused.

Originally, Bloodlines was going to be told from a few different characters' points of view. It was going to be in third person (the "he" voice) and alternate characters each chapter. A few chapters in, problems were emerging from this (you've got to trust me on that!). I ended up starting completely over and simply doing the entire book from just Sydney's point of view in first person (the "I" voice). The all-Sydney version is what you're going to get when the book hits the shelves August 23. Hope that clears things up!

The reward for the Bloodlines Challenge is a glimpse at the original scrapped first chapter, which is told from Adrian's POV. It's fun, but again trust me when I say the momentum didn't last much longer in that version of the book! But, as a thank you for everyone's amazing support and because I know everyone's secretly dying to get inside Adrian's head, I give you:

The original beginning of Bloodlines, as told by Adrian

Hope you enjoy it, and THANK YOU again for all of your amazing support! If you still have Bloodlines questions or want to read what is now the "real" first chapter of Bloodlines, head over to my website.

ADDENDUM: There are a couple of quirky things going on with the chapter's formatting. iPad (and some phone) viewers are having trouble reading it--it comes out gibberishy. Tech types are hoping to fix this, but if possible, try another computer. Also, when the chapter was formatted, it looks like someone's spellcheck "fixed" Dimitri to the more traditional "Dmitri" spelling. Don't worry, I haven't changed his name! :)