August 2nd, 2011


Bloodlines Challenge...results!

Well, I'm pleased and overwhelmed to report that last week's Bloodlines Challenge resulted in...success! I can't even begin to say how grateful I am, particularly since I know it can be scary getting on board with a new series. I'm sure it helps that we're still in the VA world, but as a reader, I've hesitated before too. Honestly, though, in looking at my favorite authors, I've noticed that in the end, it's their style and ability to tell a story and make compelling characters that really shines through, no matter the series. I've loved every spin-off just as much as the originals and--in the case of Tamora Pierce's books--even enjoyed the spin-offs more (which I didn't think could happen)!

So, again, many, many thanks to those who are on board with Bloodlines and stepped up to the pre-orders! I've really had a great time with it and think you'll like getting anew side of the Moroi world. Some people sent me apologetic emails about the challenge, saying the money wasn't there or that it just wasn't possible right now. Believe me when I tell you: that is totally and absolutely okay. I have been there. I understand. Bloodlines is still going to be around whenever the time is right. If you pre-order it this week, buy it the day it comes out, or even get it six months after it comes out, that is still absolutely wonderful. I'm so thankful for any and all support you show.

Now that you've gotten me all emotional, let's talk rewards! Tomorrow, the original first chapter of Bloodlines will go live on Entertainment Weekly. I don't know the time yet, but I'll let you know when I do. The chapter is in third person POV but still in Adrian's head. What that means is that the narration kind of goes like this, "Adrian knew better than to trust anything she said and didn't know how he felt about the matter." (That's not actually a line from the chapter). So, it's still all told from how he sees the word but doesn't use "I." If that doesn't make sense, it will when you read it.

As a recap, Bloodlines was originally going to all be told in third, rotating characters in each chapter. Various things ended up preventing this, and switching to Sydney's "I" voice made for a more streamlined story. She's a pretty good narrator too. Some of the original chapters I did were fun, though, so I'm glad you'll get to read a little Adrian--even if, like I've mentioned, cut material always makes me nervous to reveal!

So, that's the scoop. Thank you again for all the support, and I hope you enjoy the reward. And for those who missed some of the Bloodlines background, here's my website page with release date info and an informative Q&A I did on the book. More soon!