July 21st, 2011

Comic Georgina

Succubus Revealed, Chapter 1!

I know, I know. It's crazy talk, huh? Especially after the last post had the first chapter of Bloodlines. But, hey, these books come out a week apart in August, so it makes sense their excerpts would come close together.

SR's first chapter is one of my favorite openings I've ever written. There's no sex or bad language in it either, so it's safe for work--unless your work place discourages drunken mall Santas or wine-in-a-box. Without further preamble...

Chapter 1 of Succubus Revealed

Hope you enjoy it! SR comes out on August 30 in the U.S., with later dates in other countries (Sept 15 in the UK, with Australia probably matching. Other countries aren't known yet because of translation delays). The shop section on my website has info about American places you can buy it, including major retailers and University Bookstore's autographed system.

Over in the world of Bloodlines, Penguin US/Australia/UK have begun a joint compaign of promo and teasers. Their YouTube channel features weekly video teasers, and their Facebook page also includes sneak-peeks at quotes. Note that the video teasers are just that: teasers. They're meant to be fun, and the actors cast are there for fun too and aren't associated with any movie project. So, just roll with it if they don't meet your character images, and have fun trying to figure out the book's secrets. :)