July 8th, 2011


The Golden Lily cover

Didn't I promise exciting things this summer? Following on the heels of the Shadow Heir description, here's some more cool coming attractions stuff in the world of Richelle Mead--the cover for The Golden Lily, book #2 of the Bloodlines series:

Small tweaking may always occur before a book is in print, but this is pretty much 95% of what the final will be. Cool, eh? Jill gets center stage on this one, with Sydney doing her analytic observer thing. :)

The Golden Lily comes out in May 2012. I know it seems crazy to have this book cover out before Bloodlines is even released, but as I've often said, publishing is always running way ahead of what people realize. There's lots to do to prep for a book! Almost every day, I get someone asking, "Are there more VA books?" or "Wait, what's Bloodlines?" So, if you still haven't heard the scoop on the new series (coming August 23), then perhaps the Q&A I did with myself will clear things up. And as I said yesterday, the newly launched Official Bloodlines Global Page on Facebook is also a great place for updates.

Hope you enjoy!