July 7th, 2011

French SB

News type stuff

I haven't done a really good post in a while where I expound on some crazy topic, like my neighbors or cat behavior. I also keep meaning to do some posts about writing and craft. But in the meantime, all sorts of news and info keep popping up. So, we'll use today as another chance to round up what's going on.

* Remember when Penguin Australia was filming me for three days? Here's the first fruit of their labor: an epic 12-minute bio video about me. I talk about all sorts of random topics in the life of Richelle Mead! They also filmed tons of stuff where I talk about VA and Bloodlines, and those videos will trickle out in the near future. I'll keep you updated, or you can subscribe on that YouTube link.

* In other video news that you may have missed on FB and Twitter, this link has two videos of me. The first one has me and some other authors talking about writing. The last one has me talking about Succubus Revealed and some things to expect from it. Good times!

* Going back to Bloodlines, the three Penguins--US, UK, and Australia--have united in an awesome triumvirate of promo power. They've launched The Official Bloodlines Global Page on Facebook, which will have lots of updates about the series. I'll post a lot of those same updates, but it's always good to follow and check in with these other sources since I can be slow sometimes.

* Lastly, for patient Eugenie followers, University Bookstore just received its shipment of the second issue of the Storm Born comic. It's frustrating to me and U Books that once again, the shipment was sent late to them. This is kind of why comics aren't often carried in regular bookstores. Comic book store seem to get theirs exactly by release day. Of course, U Books gives you the convenience of autographs and having it mailed to you...so it's a toss-up if you want to order online or just go to a local comic book store. Regardless, for those who did order autographed ones, we appreciate everyone's patience! U Books is currently prepping them to mail to their owners, and then I'll come in and sign so that we can get these off ASAP.

* Finally, this has been a hot week for releases for a lot of my adult urban fantasy pals. If you're fans of the genre (and I assume you are!), then check out Carolyn Crane's round-up of what's new and exciting this week.

Okay, that's the scoop for now! Back to Shadow Heir for me...