June 21st, 2011

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L.A. Banks Auction

When I don't blog for a while, you can assume I've been keeping my head down and writing. Today is no exception, and I'm mostly just trying to keep up with book due dates before the baby's due date.

I had to emerge, though, to talk briefly about author L.A. Banks. She's known for the Vampire Huntress Legend series, as well as a number of other great books. She was one of the very first writing in urban fantasy, back before the genre had a name and people were like, "Who wants to read about supernatural characters in the modern world?" I remember seeing her books for the first time when I was in a bookstore years ago, trying to figure out if there was any genre out there that my newly-written Succubus Blues might fit into.

Those on certain urban fantasy and romance loops may have recently heard the sad news about L.A.'s fight with cancer. Some of the details are here. It's a terrible thing for anyone to be facing, and my heart goes out to her and her family. Besides helping define a genre, L.A. is also just a really nice person. She was very gracious and kind the one time I met her. I was awed that someone as established as her would take the time to talk to a newbie like me.

Others have had this same experience, which is why a ton of people in the publishing industry have banded together for Share Your Heart: The L.A. Banks Auction. Even if you're a successfully published author, this job doesn't come with health insurance, and the cost of her treatment is sky-high. All proceeds from the auction will go towards L.A.'s medical bills, and there is a ton of stuff up for bid. There are manuscript critiques from authors and agents, conference packages (including RT, the con with the faery ball and Mr. Romance!), interviews, and autographed books by all sorts of authors--Charlaine Harris, Marjorie Liu, and JR Ward are just a few.

Here's a link to the L.A. Banks charity page on eBay. At the time I'm writing this blog, not everything has been posted to eBay. They're literally putting it up as I type. Here's the master list of everything that will eventually be up there, so if you don't see it on eBay yet, just wait.

Oh yeah. I also donated some stuff! Here's what the "Richelle Mead Sampler" contains:

* Succubus Blues
* Dark Swan comic #1
* Kisses from Hell anthology
* Eternal Lover anthology
* Vampire Academy mass market edition--featuring Chapter 1 of Bloodlines

The direct link to that Richelle Mead listing is here. All items will come autographed, and although it's not mentioned in the listing, I'll throw in a Dark Swan #2 comic if I have them by the time the auction ends. My items only ship to the U.S. (sorry!), though many of the other items in the auction ship worldwide. Note that I'm not in charge of this auction, so any technical questions need to be directed to the seller listed on the eBay page. That's JoCarol Jones, one of the amazing organizers of the RT Con. She created a new seller account for this charity event, but be assured, she's reputable and organized. Those running the auction have set starting bids at various levels. Some are above retail, in the spirit of charity, and others are pretty snazzy bargains. So check it all out, and see what you find! It's for a great cause.