June 12th, 2011

Arrested Development Quote

What writers do

Sorry for being quiet! This week, a couple awesome folks from Penguin Australia were in town filming me in my daily life--as well as me talking about Bloodlines. They filmed for three days or so and are going to turn all their footage into a series of short videos about me and the books. They have a couple promotions unique to Australians, but otherwise, these are videos that anyone in the world will be able to watch. Expect them to be released online over time as Bloodlines gets closer, and I'll definitely let you know about any updates!

The other news is that University Bookstore's mystery shipment of the Dark Swan comic finally arrived this week. Yay! So, I scurried over and signed them all, and the store had them out the door again within 24 hours. So, those who ordered them should be getting them soon, depending on wherever you live. Thanks again for your patience with this bizarreness!

That's most of the news today, and it's back to writing as usual for me. I blogged over at the League of Reluctant Adults, however, and talked about all the other things an author has to do that doesn't actually involve writing a book! So if you're curious about what this job entails (or why authors have trouble making deadlines!), then check out this post.

More later!