June 7th, 2011

Storm Born

Fun with the Dark Swan comic

I've got a couple of news bits about the Dark Swan/Storm Born comic. Tomorrow (June 8), Bitten By Books will be hosting a big event to celebrate the release of the first issue. An interview with me will be posted, and the creative team (including the artist and script writer) behind the comic will be around throughout the day to answer your questions. BBB will also be giving away ten copies of the comic that are signed by me and the rest of the team. Like I've said before, though: the comic is based on an adult novel and contains similar adult content, so my younger readers should take note of that. Here's the link to the event.

The other comic news is for those who ordered signed copies of the first issue from University Bookstore. To both my frustration and the store's, those issues still haven't arrived at the store. I can tell you that it's absolutely not the store's fault and that all of us are pulling our hair out over this. It's a shipping problem. All we can do is wait, and I'm on high alert to dash over there and sign those copies the instant the shipment surfaces. They'll then be mailed out ASAP. I've got some more bonus autographed cover flats I'm going to add to those orders, but other than that, all I can do is beg and thank you for your patience. I can't stress enough how weird and irregular it is. Also note: those who've ordered signed books don't have to worry about similar delays. this doesn't happen with books. This is an issue that's unique to the comics and shouldn't be happening with future issues. So again, thank you for your patience, and I'm crossing my fingers I'll be getting a call tomorrow to head over and sign some comics!