June 1st, 2011

Storm Born

Picture perfect

Well, today has been a big day for comics and graphic novels. After some delay, I'm super excited to announce that the first issue of the Storm Born/Dark Swan comic was released today in the US and Canada! It's a really, really beautiful comic, and I think Eugenie fans will adore it. Because this is being released in comic book issues first, your best way to find it is in a comic book store. Bookstores like Barnes and Noble or Amazon only carry a very limited selection of comics and may not have it. If you're not sure about the local comic scene in your city, this website will help you find a store in your area that you can call up to request the comic from. My pals at University Bookstore also are selling copies, but they've sold out of issue one. It's still possible to place orders for future issues, though. Storm Born will be told in eight issues that come out on a monthly basis. Eventually, those issues will be sold as one complete graphic novel, and then that will be available in regular "real" and online bookstores--probably in 2012.

In other news, I received advanced copies of the Vampire Academy graphic novel today too! That comes out August 23 (the same day as Bloodlines). VA isn't coming out in comic book issues. It will come out as one big graphic novel that retells the orignal first novel all at once. As such, it'll be available right away through regular bookstores. Confused? Just think of it like this. Comic books go to comic book stores. Graphic novels go to bookstores. The VA graphic novel is also really beautiful:

The August 23 release date is only for English-speaking countries. Very few book publishers in other countries have bought translation rights for the VA graphic novel, so I don't have any information on when it might be sold internationally. Fans in other countries who read English can always order it from US bookstores--but you'll just have to deal with international shipping. If I find out any news about availability, I'll definitely let you know!