May 17th, 2011

Adora & Seahawk

Important Storm Born comic news

I have slightly disappointing news for tomorrow. Due to an unexpected production issue, the first issue of the Storm Born comic won't be out tomorrow (May 18) as originally planned. It's been delayed a week and will now be out May 25. Very sorry for the inconvenience! For those panicking that this means there'll be delays on Bloodlines or Succubus Revealed, rest easy. This is super rare, and novels and comics are different creatures. Everything in August will be released as scheduled.

One additional snag this presents is that if you ordered a signed copy of the comic from University Bookstore, the odds seem good now that the store will receive their supply while I'm out of town next week for my Minneapolis and BookExpo signings (check this link if you might be able to attend one!). This means I can't autograph the comics in time to ship on release day. I'll sign them as soon as I'm back on Memorial Day weekend, and they'll go out immediately thereafter. It just means those people will have a few days of additional delay, which is something the store and I never like to do. Sadly, there's just not much to be done if I'm not in town. As a thank you for your patience, people who place orders for the first Storm Born comic by Memorial Day weekend will get an autographed cover flat of Succubus Revealed put in with the order.

Last I heard, University Bookstore still has comics available for order. I mentioned in an earlier post that they were only ordering a limited amount. So, if you're interested in a signed copy and the SR cover flat, it's not too late to reserve one. Instructions are on my website. University Bookstore ships internationally, which is useful since the comic will otherwise only be available in US and Canadian stores. The downside is that international shipping is pricey, most likely more than the cover cost of the comic! So, for those overseas, consider wisely. If you can hold off a few months for more issues to come out, you might be able to set up something with the store where they hold them and then ship four or so to save shipping. I'm just speculating, so check with them!

And of course, Americans and Canadians don't have to order from U Books at all if you want a comic right on release day and don't need an autograph. Just hunt down your local comic book store!

Phew! That's it. Sorry things are so complicated. It's amazing how one week's delay can have so many other effects. And again, I've got to say this is a super rare occurrence, one that won't be repeated for future issues of the comic. I got to see the complete first issue this weekend, and wow, is it beautiful! The warning I'll add, though, is that just like the novel, the comic is intended for adults. Don't think that drawings = kids. But, if you're a Eugenie fan, you'll love this.