May 9th, 2011


Worth waiting for, Minneapolis?

At long last, I am SO pleased to announce that the book signing I was supposed to do in Minneapolis back in December has been rescheduled! For those not familiar with the story, my signing was scheduled the day massive snow hit the Twin Cities, meaning no flights could land. (It was also the day their Metrodome collapsed from snow). The signing was cancelled that morning, and while most attendees were home stuck in the snow anyway, a few hardcore readers trickled out and got the sad news. More on that day is in my recap here, as well as here--detailing what some creative readers did in my absence.

Anyway, I've been wanting to make this signing up during a time when the weather seemed more cooperative. Of course, there are no guarantees when it comes to Minnesota and snow, but here's what we've ended up with:

Me, reading and signing books!
Where: Mall of America - Bloomington, MN
When: Sunday, May 22 @ 1pm

The sponsoring store is the MoA's Barnes and Noble, though the actual signing will be held in one of the mall's Sears court. Other details should be available in the mall and through that B&N. I'll certainly let you know as we get closer too. Normal book limits and picture rules will be in effect.

And brace yourselves because here's something extra cool: there'll be some giveaways of Bloodlines merchandise, as well as an exclusive reading from Bloodlines!

For any people in the publishing industry--I'll also be in New York City the following week for BookExpo America. Their schedule had a couple time slots listed for me, but the only time I'll be signing there is on Tuesday, May 24, from 3-4pm. Check your schedules for location. (FYI - BEA is an industry tradeshow, not an event open to the general public).

Whenever I post about a signing, I always have to give a disclaimer because I get tons of comments about all the other places I'm not at. As I've said in the past, I can't be everywhere. I know it disappoints a lot of people, and I'm sorry for it. It simply isn't possible to sign in all places, and it's especially true this year because of my pregnancy. That's why there are no tours for Bloodlines and Succubus Revealed in August. Minneapolis and BEA are special situations, and they're already pushing my physical limits! After those, I'll be resting and staying homebound for the rest of the year to ensure all is happy, healthy, and well for when the baby comes in August.

For those still wanting signed books, remember that no matter where you live in the world, you can always order autographed books from University Bookstore. That includes the new releases in August, and that info is here. I'm also pleased to announce that for Seattle folks, I'll also be signing with the Smart Chicks on October 2. (I'm one of the TBD on their schedule). That signing is part of a book festival and will have more details later. I'm only able to do that one because it's in my own city and won't require me leaving the baby for very long.

Don't worry, guys. When 2012 comes around, I'll be back in traveling action again! Thanks for understanding, and for now, I look forward to seeing Minneapolis and NYC peeps at the end of the month.