April 26th, 2011

German Shadow Kiss

Let's make a deal

Update: please read this post if you're thinking of voting hundreds of times! I'm grateful for the support, but voting once a day is more than enough. Thanks!

So, I mentioned before that Spirit Bound was nominated in the best teen book of 2010 category in the Children's Book Council Awards. This is a huge honor, and voting runs through the end of this month. The thing is, I hate constantly asking people to vote...especially after everyone worked so hard voting in the Nickelodeon Awards last month. So, I haven't been pushing this a lot.

However, since December, I've been asked constantly to write about what happens when Dimitri goes back to visit his family in Russia. I've been undecided about whether I wanted to do this or not. I do have to write a short story for an upcoming anthology, which isn't something I do very often. I've been going back and forth on what to write the story about, but here's the deal I'll make you: if Spirit Bound wins in the CBCAs, I'll write this anthology story about Dimitri and Rose going to visit his family in Russia.

Now, normally, I don't like it when authors offer bribes. But, with all the requests I've gotten, I like to think of this as more of a trade. Plus, I know some people would vote but just forget...so hopefully, this is a good reminder! And I can say with absolute truth, if you think another of the nominees is a better choice, then please: vote for them instead. Awards are no good if they don't reflect how people really feel! But, if you were already for SB, then hopefully the story incentive will help us pull off a win. Can we do it with only a few days left? Stay tuned to find out! The link to vote is here, and it's under the teen category (but you don't have to be a teen to vote).

Win, lose, whatever...I'm always grateful and awed by the support you guys show for the series. You all rock, and I am very, very lucky. Thank you!
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