April 21st, 2011


Signed books + Storm Born comic preview!

UPDATE: Please see this link about delays to the Storm Born comic's release.

All sorts of news today. As many of you know, I won't be going on any book tours for my August releases because I'll be having a baby around the same time. Here's the year's roster if you missed it:

May 18 - Storm Born comic, issue #1 (future issues released every month)
August 23 - Vampire Academy graphic novel
August 23 - Bloodlines
August 30 - Succubus Revealed

A lot of people have asked if my local pals University Bookstore will still be selling autographed copies of these new releases. Answer: YES! You can order any of the above books (or any of my other books), and I will autograph them to you for no extra charge. U Bookstore ships internationally, but you'll have to contact them about shipping charges to your country. The standard info on ordering autographed books from them is here.

Here are a few things to know if you want to order any of my upcoming titles signed from University Bookstore:

* Books don't ship before their release date
If you order Bloodlines and Succubus Revealed with combined shipping, the store cannot ship before August 30. So, they'll hold the order until all books are out. You can choose to pay individual shipping per item if you want them shipped immediately.

* If their website says an August book is coming out in 2-4 weeks, it's an error
A few of the August titles are tagged this way, but it's one of those unfortunate computer things that happen. They're trying to fix it, but in the meantime, know that the dates you see here are the real release (and shipping) dates.

* Autographed books will ship on their release dates, despite my due date. PROBABLY.
Obviously, the questions about whether I'll do autographed books popped up because my baby's due date is the same week Bloodlines and Succubus Revealed come out. The store and I have every intention of getting these out on their release dates. It's really important to me since I can't tour. If the baby's on time, there's no problem autographing mail orders. I'll sign the books, and they'll get shipped before he's born. If he's early, I'll just sign on release day as planned and have a baby around (U Books has even offered to bring the orders to my home to sign - quite an offer since Last Sacrifice shipped 600 copies from them on its release day!). So, it really should work out. However, I can't give a 100% promise everything will time out perfectly. More like 98%. You never know what can happen. I might go into labor the day I'm supposed to sign for the store! I might have an extended hospital stay. Obviously, we're hoping for the best, but in the event something wacky happens, there a chance there could be a shipping delay. A small chance (and a small delay), but I want you to have all the facts!

* University Bookstore will only sell a small number of the Storm Born comic
There's no limit to the number of regular books the store can sell, but they're only ordering 50 copies of the SB comic. So, when they're gone, they're gone. If you order one and they've run out, they'll let you know and obviously won't charge you.

And of course, all of these disclaimers are just if you want autographed books. If that doesn't matter, you can always get any of my titles from other online and local stores. Note: the Storm Born comic single issues will only be avialble in US and Canadian comic book stores (aside from the handful U Bookstore will be selling). Eventually a bound set will be in bookstores, but to get the issues as they arrive, check with your local comic retailer.

Speaking of the Storm Born comic, check it out! Its publisher just released a five page preview:

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