April 14th, 2011

German Succubus on Top

Back in action

Well, I think I've recovered from RT and am back into my work groove. It's always hard adjusting back, which is why I often tell aspiring writers to write a little each day, if it all possible. Otherwise, it's easy to lose your stride when you have breaks in the schedule. Life happens, of course, and travel (for me, at least) doesn't make for optimal work conditions. It's all good now, so full steam ahead on Bloodlines and Succubus Revealed!

In other life news, for those who missed it, I found out this week I'm having a boy. My husband and I are excited and happy that we can finally start making concrete plans. Even better, everything looked great and healthy on the ultrasound, so that's good news too. Since I first announced my pregnancy, lots of people have asked if I'll be naming the baby after any of my characters. Nope! Sorry, Dimitri and Adrian fans. The world of my books stays in my books. :)

Speaking of fiction, the Storm Born comic is coming out next month, and all sorts of things are happening to help launch that. First, here's an interview with Grant Alter, the awesome guy adapting the book into comic form. In addition to his Q&A, there's some exclusive art posted in the interview, along with some of the actual script. And, for anyone registered for (or who wants to register for) the Book Bloggers & Publishers Online Conference on Friday, the Eugenie comic creative team will be there to answer questions. Details are here.

Finally, I've been holding off mentioning this after all the effort put into the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards last month, but: there's another vote online! Spirit Bound is nominated for best teen book of the year in the Children's Choice Book Awards. The CCBAs are very prestigious, but what's the most amazing thing to me here is that SB got put on the nomination list through reader write-in votes! Some panel didn't decide to add it. It was all of you guys going to the work of submitting it. So, for that alone, thank you. I was kind of floored that it made it! If you want to vote for it now that it's on the final ballot, you can do that here. There are also other great books and authors up there, so vote with your heart!