March 8th, 2011

Charlie the Unicorn

Coming attractions

As I mentioned a while ago, my pregnancy puts serious limitations on the appearances I can do this year. I can't do any touring for the August releases and will be homebound all fall and winter. Spring and summer will be limited too, simply because I need time to finish the books coming out so that I can then be free to have that baby! I was, however, already committed to a couple conferences in April, so I'll still be attending those in my then 5-month-pregnant glory. Here's the scoop on how Dallas and L.A. folks can get books signed by me!

Dreamin' in Dallas - April 1-2 - Doubletree Hotel - Richardson, TX

On April 1, Friday, from 7-9pm, this conference is having a book fair that's open to the public and free. You don't have to be attending the con. You can stop by anytime in that range to get books signed by me (and other authors there - click the link for more info). You can bring your own books or purchase on-site. Normal signing rules apply: one personalized book and two autographed books per person. Pictures dependent on time.

If you live in the Dallas area and are an aspiring writer, you might also want to think about actually registering for the con. I'm asked a lot about how to get published, and the whole topic of agents and publishers is pretty complex, one that would take many posts to fully explore. One of the best ways to learn about the publishing industry--and how I learned a lot--is to go to a writer's conference. Some conferences, like Seattle's PNWA, are genre wide. Some, like Dreamin' in Dallas here, have a romance focus. Regardless, they're all still fantastic places to learn about querying agents, getting published, and the craft of writing--especially if you're someone who benefits from listening to it being explained vs. reading about it.

DiD contains a number of workshops about the industry, and Jaye Wells and I are tag-teaming one on "Before and After" getting published. So, keep this con in mind! And if you don't live in the Dallas area and are an aspiring writer, find your closest semi-big city and do a search for "writer's conference" or "RWA," because it's very likely you have some comparable convention that you can learn from.

Romantic Times Booklovers Convention - April 6-10 - Westin Bonaventure Hotel - Los Angeles, CA

Like DiD, this con also has a book fair day that's open to the public. There's an admission charge of $5, but the amount of authors there is staggering. Here's the list. The book fair is on Saturday, April 9, and you can stop by anytime between 11am-2pm. You can bring books from home or purchase books on-site. Normal signing rules apply, one personalized book and two autographed books per person. Pictures depend on time.

This is another great con to attend, full of workshops and chances to interact with authors. It's also the con I've blogged about before, with the Faery Ball and Mr. Romance pageant! Check their site for info on fees and registration. For those who can't swing the full con, RT is also offering one-day admission for "Teen Day" on that Saturday. Adults and teens alike can attend. :) Cost is here, and the agenda is here. The $25 fee includes admission to the book fair and access to workshops and a party where you can meet a whole bunch of YA authors, including me. The first 250 registrants get gift bags full of books and other good stuff.

So, that's the scoop on the cons I'll be at! Even if you aren't registered for the cons, you can still come get books signed at the book fairs. This is the extent of my knowledge on the cons themselves, so if you have registration questions, check out the websites and contact those folks directly.

These sorts of posts always produce a lot of "Please visit [here]!" comments, and I can only say what I've said before: it's impossible for me to get everywhere. This is doubly true with my pregnancy this year. Very sorry I can't get to all of you! These conferences are ones I was specifically invited to that worked with my schedule. I may have a couple other scattered signings this year, and I'll definitely let you know when I know more details. If other signings end up happening, they'll be ones paired with places I was already going to visit for personal reason. Like I said, I'm super limited this year! Keeping me and the baby healthy (and finishing my books on time!) gets priority, but we should see more travel next year.

And of course, I have to plug the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. Thank you for everyone's support and for humoring the shameless advertising!