March 4th, 2011

French SB

Gallery Friday

Okay! As promised, we have all sorts of visual fun today. First up, the folks at Open Road Media have a new video on their site, featuring me talking about Iron Crowned and the dark turn in the Eugenie series. You can see this video, as well as past videos they've done about Eugenie and Georgina, by clicking the image below:

I also said I'd dig up some international covers. When I mentioned this, I mostly was hoping for a couple to pair along with the video news and make a full post. I didn't realize that I'd been hoarding a bunch! One of these days I'll explain the process of international publishing, and you'll understand why my collection of these is always so haphazard.

Before we got to those, however, here's your daily reminder for the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards! Thanks again for everyone's help on that.

Okay. First up in the covers is one I *thought* I'd posted a long time ago but am not sure. So, regardless here's the UK cover of Iron Crowned:

Another one I could've sworn I posted (but can't find where I did), the German cover of Last Sacrifice:

Bulgaria's take on Succubus Blues:

An action-packed Succubus on Top from Romania:

Like the U.S., France looks like it's going to be re-issuing all the succubus books with new covers. Here's the redesign of Succubus Blues. The original French SB is my avatar today.

Meanwhile, Japan's Succubus on Top keeps very close to the style it used for the first one.

And finally, I have a trilogy of Indonesian covers. The first three of the Vampire Academy series: