March 2nd, 2011

New SB

Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

I mentioned last month that the Vampire Academy series had been nominated for a Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award and that voting would open soon. Well, it's open! Their voting went live yesterday, so if you are so inclined to cast a vote for VA, the link is here.

You don't have to be "a kid" to vote, and they make it easy--no logging on or creating an account. Just click and go--although, note you do have to vote for EVERY category in order for the website to let you submit your vote. Only clicking on the book won't work. Anyone in the world can vote too, and the word on the street is that you can vote every day. I'll warn you now that I'll probably be advertising this a lot during the month of March. Nickelodeon is a pretty big spotlight for the series, and I'm flattered and excited for VA to get a nod and so much attention. I know some of you won't mind the reminders and will vote every day anyway. Some of you may get tired of the reminders, and I apologize in advance. But, I guarantee there will always be new people tuning in who haven't heard about the voting yet, so the reminders are good for them. Thanks for your patience!

And of course, I heartily encourage you to vote for any of the other series if they're favorites of yours. I assume you read my blog because you like something I write, but there are lots of good books out there, so please--vote with your heart. And if that means voting for me, then thank you so much. I appreciate everyone's support!

Tomorrow I think I'll have a new video* to post, and I'm also going to scour my computers for the latest batch of international covers. People send them to me all the time, and I tend to let them sit around for a while. So, I'll do some housecleaning and we can see how the world's viewing my girls these days.

*Correction--the video's on Friday. I've got my dates all off!