March 1st, 2011

German Succubus on Top

Georgina on my mind

After some fighting with my scanner (whose problems are 95% the result of my laziness to properly install some software), I'm very happy to be able to give you the cover for Succubus Revealed:

This is the sixth and final book in Georgina's series, which is a little mind-blowing for me. Her first novel, Succubus Blues, was the first book I ever had published. It came out in 2007, and now, four years later, her series is wrapping up. People are beginning to notice that many of my series are ending. It's mostly coincidental timing and not because I'm going into retirement or anything. Don't worry! I'll keep writing other things. When I set out to write each of my series, I usually had a clear endpoint in mind, and it just so happens we're reaching all of them. To try to force a story past what I originally envisioned would only harm it, and I don't want to do that to you guys or the characters.

It's also good for me as a writer to take a break and try new things. When you guys get a new book, a lot of you can finish it in a day, so it hardly seems like you spend much time with the series at all. For me, walking a book from its first draft all the way to its pre-printing proofs can take 6-9 months. So, these gals occupy a good piece of my life, and it's healthy for us to step back so we don't get tired of each other. I'm lucky that it hasn't happened yet, and I want to keep it that way. The best things I've written are those I'm excited and passionate about, so I want to make sure that's always the priority in whatever I'm currently working on.

Does that mean I'll go back and revisit these or do a spin-off for every series? I honestly don't know. My goal is to always be writing at least one adult and one young adult series. Whether those are set in worlds we already know or will be totally new projects remains to be seen. Again, the key is to follow the passion--and that's also my advice for any aspiring writers out there. Write what you're excited about.

Getting back to Georgina, Succubus Revealed comes out August 30. The description is here, and we'll see an excerpt later this summer. You'll get a lot of answers you've been waiting for about her love life and her contract. There are also a lot of hipster jokes that I hope don't offend anyone. Seeing as Succubus Heat didn't offend the nation of Canada, I'm thinking we're okay with this one. Also, a major character in SR is going to dress up in a Santa suit, so think on that for a while. :)