February 18th, 2011

Storm Born

More fun with Iron Crowned

It's all Eugenie, all the time lately, eh? Well, it is almost Iron Crowned's American release week, and since it's been practically a year since I had a new adult novel out, I say Eugenie deserves some spotlight. Here's the latest.

I signed all of the Iron Crowned orders that were placed at University Bookstore through yesterday, so those will ship out on release day (Tuesday, February 22). Since there's been so much demand, I'll come back at the end of next week and sign again. So, any orders placed by Thursday, February 24, can be expected to ship out on the 25th or the following Monday. This applies to orders for signed copies of IC or any other of my books that are currently available. After that, my visits to U Bookstore may stretch to being two weeks apart for a while, but we'll see how things go. Ordering instructions are here, and of course, you can always buy unsigned books at any other store of your choice.

Last month, I posted an excerpt from Iron Crowned that was taken from Chapter 3. I did it because the first chapter had been included at the end of Succubus Shadows. Since some foreign editions of SS didn't include it, I've now posted Iron Crowned's first chapter online as well. You can read both excerpts over on the Dark Swan series page.

Final note on Iron Crowned. I'm getting lots of questions about availability in other countries, such as why the book comes out later or why it isn't available at all in certain places. I work directly with my American publisher, but they only distribute in the U.S. (and sometimes Canada). Every other country has its own individual publisher that's bought the rights to print and sell my books, and so release dates are at their discretion. Sometimes, delays are inevitable. Sometimes, no publisher in a country has bought the rights to one of my books, and so there's no distribution there at all. If a book's not available or if it's coming out later in your country, you can either wait for the book to get there or import it from an international bookseller. University Bookstore will ship orders to other countries, as will a number of other American booksellers. The downside is that you'll have to pay for international shipping, but that's the best I can offer you. Sorry! These things aren't in my control, but hopefully this info helps a little.

So, that's the Iron Crowned news. As its release approaches, I ask that you be kind to those who haven't read it and mark any comments about the book with SPOILERS. Iron Crowned has a cliffhanger ending, and I'd hate to see it spoiled! Thanks so much, everyone.