February 9th, 2011


More fun with covers

If you missed the Bloodlines cover and accompanying video, you can check out Entertainment Weekly's article right here. I'm also using the cover as my avatar today, and to answer a few questions, yup--that's Sydney in there. You can spot her by the tattoo. The guy is the spurned love interest from Last Sacrifice, which I'm being enigmatic about simply because talking too much about him gives away the ending of that book. There are still lots who haven't read it, so we'll hold out a little longer. There are other characters in Bloodlines that I've mentioned before, like Eddie and Jill, but if you crowd too many on the cover there, it starts to look like an Olan Mills family photo shoot. (Are they even around anymore?). So, we just kept these two, but other characters will rotate through on other covers, I'm sure.

I hinted on Twitter recently that I had another cover to show, and many people guessed Succubus Revealed--which is a pretty good guess. But, there's actually one book coming out before it--the mass market edition of Succubus on Top. Georgina fans will remember that Succubus Blues first came out in trade paperback (i.e. large paperback) in the U.S. and then came out with a new cover when it was released as a mass market paperback (small paperback). The same is going to happen to all of the Georgina books eventually, and now it's #2's time:

The scan here doesn't do it justice. Like Bloodlines, this cover has a lot of cool metallic effects on it. You can see how it measures to the original Succubus on Top and the two SB versions over on the Georgina page. This mass market is due out at the end of July, and for British Commonwealth folks worried they missed a book, remember: Succubus on Top and Succubus Nights are the same thing.

For those wondering about Succubus Revealed, I expect we'll see that cover within the next month. Georgina covers usually come out 6 months before release, and we're almost there. Since it'll come out in trade first, that cover will match the other Georgina trades (the old style). Then, a couple years down the road, we'll see it in mass with the new style. Confused by all these covers? Don't worry. It's the stories inside that count, right?

And as a last note on covers...Arcane Vault is offering you the chance to design your own VA cover and win one of their sweatshirts. The details are up on their Facebook page. I'm not sure if non-Facebook people can read that link, so I'll see if it's listed somewhere else. Good luck if you choose to enter! Can't wait to see what people come up with.