January 25th, 2011

Grace and Mei

Hangin' Tough

Hey, team. I haven't had much of an Internet presence lately. I'm not feeling well, and my sleep has gone all crazy, which doesn't help matters. I wish I could be all mind-over-matter and power through, but sadly, when I'm physically run down, my mental energy drags too. So, all of my effort is going into finishing Succubus Revealed and keeping myself healthy. Until then, I won't have a lot to say here, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

I always feel bad when these quiet spells happen, like I'm letting people down if I don't provide non-stop entertainment online. But what's fascinating to me is that even when I'm buried under work, all of my readers are still out there going strong. I read comments and posts all around the Internet and see that you guys are still excited, enthusiastic, and loving the books. So, thank you so much. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I have the best fans in the world. It really gives me strength to keep working when I know you guys are out there.

Speaking of which, readers have pointed out a couple of voting opportunities that I thought I'd share. First up, the Children's Choice Book Awards are taking nominees for 2010. I have three titles that qualify: Spirit Bound, Last Sacrifice, and Kisses from Hell. You can vote for some, all, or none of them right here, along with a lot of other great titles. My three aren't all listed, but it's fine to write them in--as is any other YA title you love that came out in 2010.

Another poll--and another example of how amazing you all are--is the YA Love Interests Who Leave You Wishing You Were 17 Again poll. Dimitri's one of the choices, and someone sent it to me because at the time, he was losing. Well, five minutes after I re-posted that link, he was winning. So, thank you! And if you still want to vote for him or any of the other hawt choices, click the link and check it out. What's nice about Dimitri is that since he's in his 20s, you don't actually have to wish you were in your teens if you're my age...although that age spread is still a little bigger than I'm comfortable with. :)

Okay, last news before I get back to work. Today's a hot release day for a lot of people I know--especially people with one-word titles, apparently. First: Bloodshot by Cherie Priest is out, which is "vampire noir" (is that a real genre?) and has the most amazing cover. Click the link if you don't believe me. She's awesome. Also out today is Delirious by Daniel Palmer. It's not paranormal but is a definite must-read for any fans of high-tech thrillers. Plus, Daniel is a super nice guy. Finally, Crossed by J.F. Lewis is out today, third in the Void City series. It follows a complex vampire society, and I'm kind of awed that the girl with a skull on the cover actually looks hot instead of creepy. Nice work!

And now it's work time for me. I'll try to surface a little more when I can. I'm really hoping to have some good material for you next month--in the form of high school home videos. By which I mean my high school home videos. You've been warned!
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