January 14th, 2011

Diversity Kittens

Iron Crowned excerpt and other news

Okay, I've got a couple of cool things for you today. First up, I cleaned up my website, which means I have to make a plug for my FAQ. I know some of you have heard me mention it a million times, but I get emailed questions from it every day. So, I just want to mention it again for those wondering about things like movies, auditions, book releases, touring, getting published, etc., because the FAQ is much faster than me! I hate the thought of you guys hanging on and waiting for an answer from me when you can get it more easily there. Hope it helps!

And on the topic of future books, Penguin put up the Official Bloodlines Series page today, complete with a countdown to release day. Yay! (Note: that release date is for English-speaking countries; translations are always different and dates for them are currently unknown). If you missed my post on Bloodlines (which is the VA spin-off), here it is again, including a brief description.

In other coolness, I posted an excerpt from Iron Crowned right here. Because there was a Chapter 1 excerpt at the end of Succubus Shadows, the section I posted on my site is from Chapter 3, to give you something different. IC's official release date is February 22, but it may sneak out a little early.

I'm not touring for Iron Crowned, but if you're interested in ordering an autographed copy of it, you can do so from University Books. That link lists instructions on how to order it and request a personalization or autograph. For IC, I'll make a point to make a special trip there close to release day, so orders placed before February 22 should ship out in a pretty timely way! And yup--the store ships internationally.

Ok, back to work! Happy MLK weekend to those in the U.S.!