January 5th, 2011

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News you can use

Today's just kind of a mixed bag of news. To start off, I've finished the rough draft of Bloodlines and am currently enjoying some much-needed Georgina time as I work on Succubus Revealed. Both are being released at the end of August, so I'll be doing double-duty on them over the next couple of months.

Other cool stuff: I found out today that I won Best Goodreads Author over in the Goodreads Awards, so thank you very much to everyone for your support! I'm very honored and flattered, especially being on a list with so many other great authors. List news is good too. Last Sacrifice and the VA series have been hanging on to the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists since LS's release, but I got a boost in rankings today (#3 on NYT series and #25 on USA Today), which must be you guys using holiday gift cards. LS is also back to #1 in Australia. So, thank you very much for that too.

The good people at Shadowkissed.com did this really great interview with Preger Entertainment yesterday. Preger is the company that optioned VA film rights, and hopefully this will answer some of your questions. Note that no production is currently going on and that they explain that process. They also address auditions, which is one of the biggest questions out there.

Lastly, I wanted to give a shout-out to author Cynthia Hand, whose debut novel Unearthly was officially released yesterday. I had the opportunity to read it last year and really, really enjoyed it. It's about a half-angel girl who's guided by dreams to find out her calling...and runs into some complications, romantic and otherwise, along the way. The ending totally meets my "What!!!" standards. :) So, check it out if you're looking for a new series to start.

Fun publishing info: some people have said they found Unearthly before yesterday. Here's the scoop. Technically, every book has an official release date...but that release date is either "hard" or "soft." Books with hard release dates, like the VA series, aren't supposed to be put on shelves until that date. With a soft release date, bookstores can put the book out when the shipment arrives. Not all do, which is why you get a range of when new books start appearing. The Georgina and Dark Swan series have soft release dates, which is why you can find them out a little early sometimes.