January 20th, 2009

French SB

All sorts of ways to win

Just a quick check-in. I'm kind of afraid to post here because I know people are going to want to hear character name updates! And I don't have an answer yet. But don't worry, it's getting closer. Man, this is getting so built up...probably no one will even like the character. I'm actually down to a few choices now, so it'll come. Keep checking back. For those wondering where the post went, I had to turn it invisible or else people have a tendency to keep posting after the fact. But, if I disable commenting, all the comments go away, and I need to see them still. So...invisible it is. Thanks again, everyone! I'll warn you there's a possibility the name might not be selected out of the entries, but if I choose something on my own, I'll still draw one of the contestants at random for a prize.

Speaking of prizes...here's how you can win one! And you can help me out (if you want) at the same time. Urban Fantasy Land is holding their readers choice awards, and I've been nominated there four times: Best Book--Storm Born, Best YA--Shadow Kiss, Best YA Author, and Best in Demons & Zombies--Succubus on Top. Eternal Lover's there too. If you want to go vote for my books (or anyone else's--there are lots and lots of good choices!), head on over to this link. There's also a write-in category to pick your favorite heroine, hero, author website, so don't skip that!

Now, this part's important. When you vote, you can win an Amazon gift certificate! To be entered in that drawing, you have to cast your votes and then post a link to Urban Fantasy Land on your blog. If you don't have a blog, you can just send them email to be entered. Don't miss it! They've got the instructions there. Thanks so much if you decided to cast any votes my way. And if you need ideas for who else to vote for, remember that my friends Kat Richardson, Jackie Kessler, Jeanne Stein, Caitlin Kittredge, Mario Acevedo, Stacia Kane, and Mark Henry (among others) are nominated too!

And speaking of other authors, my friend Caitlin Kittredge is giving electronic ARCs (advanced reader copies) of her upcoming novel Street Magic to blog and web reviewers (or print, if any are still out there). The book comes out this summer and is about a cop and a roguish magician who take on evil and the supernatural in London. If you're an interested reviewer, go check out her blog to learn more.