August 15th, 2008

Storm Born

Party animals

Kat and I made it down to Portlandia today, and as expected, we got no work done on the train. We did, however, consume a lot of coffee and talk lots of author shop talk. For the first time in history, the train was actually on time, and we were soon on our way to lots of fun! The media escort, Gillian, took us to Kat's radio interview at KBOO and then to sign stock at local bookstores.

After that, we had some downtime before the official event at Powell's, so we checked into our hotel. There, we were greeted by this in our closet:

Animal print robes! Now, robes are common in hotel rooms, but this was definitely the first time I'd seen the wildlife variety. Giggling ensued. We assessed the room a bit further, checked our email, and verified the uber prices of the mini-bar. With those things settled, we then went over to the Powell's in Beaverton. As always, Peter and Renee and the rest of the Powell's staff were wonderful. They even had this swank Underground poster up and on display!

I read next. I still haven't learned to smile since the last reading, but I picked a passage I liked a lot better and feel like it went pretty well.

We answered questions afterward and got some really great ones! It's always kind of hard to get the audience to talk sometimes, but I think we managed to be endearing/pathetic enough to coax them into it tonight:

We wrapped things up with book signings, and I can't say thank you enough to all the people who bought books and talked to us. It was lots of fun! I also had a sighting of the elusive Immortal anthology that has my short story in it. According to my source, it does actually exist at Border's now, in the YA section, under PC Cast's name.

We hit the streets of Portland after that with my friend Jason and his girlfriend Beth. Drinks and dinner ensued, along with conversation about ferrets in straight jackets.

Afterward, Jason and Beth returned us to the hotel. And of course, you know what we had to do next:

Robe fashion show! We tried really hard to set the timer on our cameras and do some dramatic savannah poses together, but neither camera behaved. The best I could do was some self-portrait practice.

This robe rocks the house, but while writers can claim all sorts of crazy purchases as business expenses on their taxes, I'm pretty sure the IRS won't roll with this one.
Comic Georgina

Hawt enough for you?

It was something like 105 in Portland yesterday, which is absurd beyond belief. More ridiculous still is how hot it is today in Seattle. Where did this heat come from? Why do I live on the fourth floor? How sad is it that I'm going to go to the gym to get air conditioning? Questions without answers, my friends.

But, as you've surmised, I'm safely home from Portland. The train was a half-hour late, which makes me feel better about the world. You see, it was perfectly on time yesterday, and I have NEVER seen that happen with Amtrak. It frightened and confused me.

Heads up San Francisco peeps: Kat Richardson has flown down there and will be signing at the Borders in Union Square tonight. It's on Post & Powell, and things kick off at 7pm. Go see her! Hopefully her hotel there has robes as cool as the ones we had last night. But I doubt it.

Finally, stalkers can rejoice: I have a Twitter account.