April 21st, 2007

Korean VA

Scenes from the Road

Saturday morning finds us safely in Boise after driving 7 hours from Seattle last night. This drive was primarily to get some distance in on the roadtrip, so there aren't many pictures or attractions to report. But, for those wondering what one does on a seven hour drive through nothing, I give you the following conversation sampler from my husband and me:

While listening to "Thank You" by Dido
Him: So, does she have a bad life?
Me: What?
Him: In this song. She's talking about all these bad things happening to her, but then she says it's the best day of her life. Those ideas are incongruous. So, her life must be pretty bad in general if this is the best day.
Me: She's in love. So, she's saying that even with bad things happening, it doesn't matter. So long as she has this person in her life, she's happy--even with bad things going on. You're too literal.
Him: Oh.
Me: This is a blog entry waiting to happen. 'My Husband Doesn't Understand Love Songs.'
Him: Great. Thanks. You'll write it so that I sound stupid. Make sure you mention that I used 'incongruous.'
Me: Just wait until "Eight Days a Week" comes on. You won't be able to handle it.

While driving through winding mountain roads:
Me: I don't like driving through mountains at night.
Him: You aren't driving.
Me: I still think it's scary.
Him: It's only scary if you look at the things around the road. If you just focus on the road and the reflectors, it's fine.
Me: "Stay on the path."
Him: Yes.
Me: Like that story with the dinosaurs.
Him: Something like that.

While listening to "Magic Carpet Ride" by Steppenwolf
Him: Wasn't this song in a Star Trek movie?
Me: Yeah. First Contact. It's my favorite.
Him: I don't really get that.
Me: That they used that song?
Him: That that's your favorite Star Trek movie.
Me: It's the best one.
Me: It is.
Me: Well, what one do you think is best?
Him: Wrath of Khan.
Me: Oh. That one's okay.
[10 miles of silence]

Somewhere in Oregon:
Him: I hooked the inverter up in the car. You can charge things, like your laptop.
Me: Like I'm going to charge my laptop in the car.
Him: Why not?
Me: Because I don't let my laptop run down. I'll charge it at night in the hotel.

This morning, over breakfast:
Me: Oh.
Him: What?
Me: My laptop's dead.

That's all I've got for you, kids. Today's pictures:

Leaving Seattle. I-90 beckons into the Cascades...

Finally, someone realized that when I drink coffee, I don't want a scone or low-fat pumpkin spice bread. Now, if only Starbucks can catch on.

Huh. Turns out there's a difference in temperature when you go from sea level to +3000 feet. Good thing to note for the future when making decisions like whether or not to pack a coat. For the record, I didn't.