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For Australian Eyes Only

Good news. The ten winners for the Q&A contest were randomly selected yesterday, so I'll notify them soon and get to work on answering those questions! In the meantime, I have some exciting news about a couple of contests that are open to Australian residents only. These contests are being sponsored by my awesome publishers down under, Penguin Australia, so for the rest of you not at the bottom of the southern hemisphere: don't come after me for not being part of it! :)

Here's the scoop, Australian readers. Contest #1: Be the first person in Australia to win an early copy of Blood Promise! To enter, you need to email and tell them in 25 words or less (pretty short - so be concise!) why you think you should be the winner. This contest runs through June 29 at 4pm (your time).

The second contest is to win a copy of a different VA book. Penguin Australia wants to re-read one of the others in the series as a group and have a discussion a la book club style. The book that'll be re-read will be chosen by votes. So again, cast your vote to The book that gets the most votes will be the winner. As a special bonus, the first 50 people to vote will win a copy of that book. This contest runs through June 20.

So, Australian friends, get in on these contests! You should also check out the official rules on Penguin Australia's website to make sure I have them right. And again, for those who missed the announcement, the Australian release is August 26. With the time change, that's August 25--the same day as the United States. For other parts of the world, I don't know your release. Sorry! I only know what international publishers communicate to me.

So good luck! And to my Q&A winners, I'll be in touch soon.
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