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My cousin gives you blog material

It's a blustery night here in Seattle, and I was nearly without material for you yet again. Fortunately, my awesome cousin (whom I've been reconnecting with via Facebook) reminded me of something I'd totally lost track of. William Kenower of Author Magazine interviewed me back in November at one of my signings, and the interview is now online. It got lost in the shuffle of my holiday email, but now I have it here for you.

I confess, while William gave me lots of really great and fun topics to talk about, I feel like I look incredibly serious throughout it all. I seem to be frowning the whole time. I'm not really sure what's up with that, so for those who are going to watch the interview, I wanted to make sure I put this picture up first to remind you that I do smile sometimes. But only when Mario Acevedo's around.

Here's the interview link. Let's hope the Michigan accent is going strong for all those who have been dying to hear it.


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