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Last stop of the Last Sacrifice Tour

It's a long-standing tradition that I always delay posting when I get back to Seattle. I don't do it on purpose, exactly. It's just that once I'm home and lose that "on the road" momentum, I tend to step away from the blog for a while. Since the tour ended in Seattle this time, putting off the return blog post also meant putting off blogging about my Seattle signing.

So, it looks like I have some catching-up to do.

University Bookstore always puts on a good time, and I can't express enough how awesome it was to have Seattle be the grand finale. I was able to just relax and have fun, knowing that I actually got to go home that night with no worries about packing for a morning flight.

Looks like my readers are getting younger and younger.

Or maybe he was just lured by the cupcakes.

That gentleman keeping watch over the table is the designer of all the tattoo marks from the books. Since they're based here, Arcane Vault was able to attend in person with all sorts of goods on sale.

Like this awesome shirt, which I'd never seen before. Love it.

AV also donated some shirts and other gear for prizes, and this lucky winner found himself the proud owner of a promise mark shirt.

And of course, we had a nice assortment of homemade shirts...

And now the tattoo symbols are going multicolored!

Spotted: authors Kat Richardson and Daniel Marks, as well as Samhain editor Heather Osborn--and it looks like one of them has spotted us too.

All in all, a pretty awesome event. Thank you to everyone who came out, as well as to the ever-amazing staff of University Bookstore. I'm sure I could have been much wittier in this post, but I'm still pretty tired from the trip. Besides, Bloodlines isn't going to write itself, so a lot of my mental energy is going there! Now that LS is out of the way, we can expect to see more updates, not just about Bloodlines but also future Georgina and Eugenie books.

Stay tuned! It's great to be home. :)

Salt Lake City photo journey

After my inability to get pictures in Dallas and Atlanta, I've more than made up for it with Salt Lake City. We had a really amazing turnout last night, with people coming not only from Utah, but also states like Idaho and Wyoming. Quite the crowd for an allegedly "small town" signing!

SLC didn't just bring T-shirts. They brought group T-shirts.

And yes, that is my face there you see on their shirts. I think that must be the true mark of success!

Loved these. The one on the left says, "I want the god," and the one on the right reads, "I want the man in my dreams."

Here are the backs of the shirts, along with a shot of me busily signing away.

These crack me up, though I'm not sure I should be encouraging Jailbait shirts! The black shirt says, "I'm Team Seth but Adrian can walk my dreams anytime!" The one in the middle reads, "Team Dhampir. Join us, we have Dimitri and we kidnapped Christian."

TEAM ABE! Quite possibly my favorite team. I'm going to have to see if Arcane Vault will make me one of these.

A neatly done quote shirt, with everything typed and legible!

Shirts are awesome, right? Well, hang on because you haven't seen anything yet. Someone put the VA logo on this baby's forehead! Ahhh! Cuteness overload!

I'm not gonna lie. I nearly passed out when I saw that baby. Her family was absolutely delightful and really hardcore vampire fans. In fact, I kid you not, this is a picture of their bus, and it reads VAMPIRE ACADEMY on the side.

The awesomeness just kept coming. I also got this fab drawing of Adrian from aspiring writer Sara, whose full name is blocked out here for privacy.

Things got kicked up the next level when I received one of my most astonishing gifts ever: Rose and Dimitri dolls. I originally thought they were voodoo dolls, which I suppose would've given me new and unusual ways to torment my characters.

And check it out. Action figure Rose has a garter with a silver stake under her dress. Glamorous AND functional!

A lot of people brought me coffee tonight, so it's fitting that I also received this Sydney tribute mug. This came courtesy of some devout readers who once flew from SLC to see me in Portland. Thankfully, I was a little more convenient for them this time.

So, wow. Thanks for an awesome event, Salt Lake. This was a great send-off for my last traveling tour stop. Tonight will find me back home in Seattle, for which I am very, very grateful. I'll be signing at 7pm at University Bookstore, and it's going to be a good time. It's funny, I'm asked all the time if my hand hurts from signing. Honestly? Not very often. It does hurt quite a bit right now, but it's actually more from traveling in general. Hauling my luggage every morning has re-awakened my tendon injury. But don't worry, Seattle. It aches, but I'm still ready to sign for you, and I already have an appointment with the hand therapists next week to start reparing me for the next tour. :)

Addendum: to the "My wife sent me" shirt couple, none of those pictures turned out. The camera setting was wrong. So sorry. :(

Homeward bound

Well, tonight's signing in Salt Lake City was pretty amazing. Despite being a "smaller" city, SLC turned out an event as big as any other on this tour. Thank you so much, everyone. SLC also has some of the most amazing pictures of this entire tour. We got a whole bunch of them, too. Unfortunately, it's pretty late as I type this, and I have a very early flight. So, I'll edit the pictures on the plane and hopefully post them for you when I'm back home.

That's right, HOME! Tomorrow I'm flying back to Seattle. Technically, it's still a tour day since I'll be having my University Bookstore signing at 7pm. But, unlike a normal traveling tour city, I actually get to shower and dress in my own home instead of a hotel room.

So, Northwesterners, I'll be seeing you soon! As a heads-up: U Bookstore has a good-sized parking lot, but I wouldn't be surprised if it gets filled up. So, gauge your arrival time accordingly, in case you have to get parking elsewhere.

As a closing note, I've got good news to share. Wednesday is list day, and Last Sacrifice has some impressive results. It debuted on the USA Today bestseller list at #4 and Australia's bestseller list at #1. On the New York Times children's list, which ranks Vampire Academy as a whole, LS landed the series at an impressive #2. For those thinking, "Hey, didn't Spirit Bound debut at #1 everywhere?", don't worry. The books are selling just as well as before. But the lists are relative and based on what other books are out at the same time. There are lots and lots of huge titles out this time of the year, so I'm so happy to be able to land in the ranks I did! It would've been very easy for some major book to knock me down for the holidays, but you guys came through, and I'm very, very grateful for your continued support and passion of my writing. Thank you so much. This is awesome.

A tale of two cities

Well, I finally got a chance to upload some pictures and do a blog entry that isn't from my phone! With the nature of these tours, my ability to blog is always dependent on both time to write a post and in getting my laptop online. That being said, I actually don't have many pictures today, even though I'm writing about two cities. That's the other thing about tours. I'm in no position to take pictures at my signings, so the pics I end up with depend on whether I can get a store staff member or my city guide to do it for me. Sometimes I can find someone, sometimes not.

Photographed or not, my signings in both Atlanta and Dallas were super fun. After a flight delay in Detroit, I was finally able to get to Atlanta bright and early on Monday morning. Imagine my surprise--after thinking I'd escaped the Arctic Midwest--to find that Atlanta had temps rivaling Detroit! At least there was no snow, but wow. Pretty cold. With the disrupted travel plans, I actually only had a hotel in Atlanta for 3 hours--just enough to catch a cat nap and clean up. Before heading out to my signing, however, I got to have lunch with fab author pal Stacia Kane, who was looking adorable as always.

My signing was over in Decatur, and along with T-shirts, there was also a sign used to very adamantly declare its owner's views of the series. Seeing signs in the audience is always fun, but it also makes me think I'm at a political rally sometimes.

I also saw an unusual tattoo placement. Typically, I see them on the back of the neck. This woman instead chose her ankle (ouch!) and paired the zvezda mark with a rose and chamomile. Chamomile is apparently the national flower of Russia, which I hadn't known. Pretty cool.

And that's it for Atlanta! See what I mean about the pics? I had a night flight to Dallas afterward, which is unusual, so we had to make sure the Atlanta signing line kept moving. Everyone was so cool about it, though, and I really loved all the people I met.

I checked into my Dallas hotel room around 1am and still managed a decent night's sleep. Really, on tours like this, my goals become very simple: 1) Make flights and signings on time 2) Eat at least two meals a day 3) Get at least 6 hours of sleep each night. If I achieve those, then things are going pretty well!

Sometimes, I get other bonuses. For example, in Dallas I also got to hang with some more amazing author friends. Seen here from left to right: Michele Bardsley, me, Jaye Wells, and Dakota Cassidy. Later, at my signing, author Vicki Pettersson also stopped by.

There are some who call it...Bling Academy.

Dallas had the honor of being my largest signing on this tour so far, taking about 3.5 hours from start to finish. Everyone there was super energized and upbeat, which helped make the time go fast. Along with the VA shirts, this signing is notable for showing some Georgina love too. For example, here's a couple of people dressed like Seth Mortensen. Love it.

There was also a Georgina quote shirt, highlighting a conversation between Georgina and Seth in Succubus Blues.

Ah, good times. Thank you so much to everyone who came out, near and far, to both of my signings. Thanks also to the great staff who helped make things run smoothly. In closing, here's a fun(?) story. When I checked into my Dallas hotel, I had this huge, really old room that was very nice but also a little eerie--maybe because of the age or just because it was so quiet. Anyway, I called my husband and jokingly told him the place was probably haunted. Well, guess what? I later found out that according to local legend, the hotel is haunted. Apparently, there's a story that a jilted bride committed suicide on the floor I was staying on and is sometimes seen and heard. This didn't make for a restful night's sleep during my second night there, but happily, I had no supernatural encounters. I'll leave those to my books, thank you.

And with that, I'm now getting ready for my Salt Lake City signing tonight. It'll be at the SLC Public Library downtown at 7pm. The event is being run by King's English Books, so call them with any questions. Tomorrow night will be my big homecoming signing in Seattle at University Bookstore. Details on both events, and signing guidelines, can be found under "Appearances" on my website.

Good times in the Motor City

The snow seems to be following me. Today I signed at a Borders in suburban Detroit, which looked like a winter wonderland. Nonetheless, my fellow Michiganders bravely trekked out to come and see me, giving us a crowd of nearly 300 people--one of my biggest crowds on this tour so far.

It was really amazing! It even made me feel nostalgic seeing Michigan and Michigan State shirts again. Oh, and there were some of these shirts too:

I'm glad to see so many friendships still able to survive in spite of divided alliances.

There were some tattoos here too, but they were of a less permanent nature! Still very nicely done.

I'm so grateful for everyone who braved the weather to come out and see me! It was fun, and the staff did a really good job of managing it all. Thanks so much, Borders.

The snow proved to be too much for my flight to Atlanta to get out tonight, so I'm staying over in Detroit yet again. For my fans in the Atlanta area, don't worry. This snow isn't nearly as bad as the Minneapolis Situation on Saturday. Detroit/Atlanta are Delta hubs, so there's a million flights out going out tomorrow. I'll be there, and I hope you are too! I'm definitely looking forward to some semi-warmer weather and southern food. See you guys tomorrow night, 6pm at the Decatur Public Library.

I'm kind of blue as I write this, still bummed about the cancelled Mall of American signing today. I've never had anything like that happen, the closest being when a delayed flight made me late to a signing earlier this year. Believe me when I tell you that we tried to get me to Minnesota today.

I found out at 6am that my flight was cancelled due to the snow in Minneapolis. I was rescheduled for a later flight, in the hopes we would simply have a late start for the signing. No such luck. A few hours later, we found out that flight had been cancelled too, and there were no other options to get me there in a timely manner. That being said, I am relieved that a lot of readers didn't have to get out and fight the blizzard conditions. For those who were already out, I send many apologies and much gratitude for your efforts! The weather just wouldn't play ball with us today.

We do have plans to get me back to Minnesota. With the holidays, December is impossible at this point, but hopefully we can reschedule for next year--most likely when we're free of snow. We'll see, and I'll let you guys know whenever something gets figured out. I'm really, really sorry it didn't work out this time.

With no planes going to Minneapolis, I flew on to Detroit, so I'm here and ready for tomorrow's 2pm signing at the Novi Borders. That signing is definitely on, but travel safe since it's still winter in Michigan!

Despite no signing today (sob!), I still have pictures to post. I was finally able to download the pictures my husband took from the release day signing in New York City earlier this week. Let's relive it, shall we?

So, a few people came by, many of whom used the before-time to catch up on Last Sacrifice.

I was set up at a podium, wielding LS triumphantly!

Here's a broader view of the set-up. See if you can find all the cameras trained on me in the audience.

This close-up will show a few more of them. For friends who wonder why I'm such a control freak with pictures, this is why. I can't really explain what it's like to have so many people photographing or recording me. It's surreal. It's something you start to get used to and yet never get used to.

New York had its share of T-shirts...

And although the signing line looks crazy here, it was actually really well-run by the bookstore. I'm very grateful to the staff for managing it all!

All in all, a really great way to kick off the release of the new book! Thank you so much to everyone who came out and to those who watched the webcast of the event.

As an aside, posting these pictures shows me just how much my husband's camera pwns the little one I take with me on tour. Ah, well. I only have so much room in my luggage when I do these things!

As another aside, I wanted to post a pic of the dress I wore to the NYC signing. This was done with a camera phone, so it doesn't do the dress justice. But, what's cool is that this dress was a birthday present from my awesome husband. It was made by Monica Gutweis, a Seattle fashion designer, just for me. I love it and want to wear it around the house.

Anyway, time for me to get some room service and catch up on missed TV. Sorry again, Minnesota! And Detroit, I'll see you tomorrow.

Cancelled: Mall of America signing

Sorry, guys. Looks like the weather has caused all sorts of problems getting into Minnesota. The signing there is cancelled. I really wish I could have gotten there to see you all, but for some reason the airlines won't fly into a blizzard. Stay safe, and stay warm!

I'm going straight on to Detroit instead, because that signing is not affected. See you there, Michigan!

Town to town, up and down the dial...

Greetings from Ohio! Tonight finds me in beautiful Cincinnati, right near the Kentucky border. I flew in from Chicago this morning to do a radio interview and then later had a pretty awesome event over at Joseph-Beth Booksellers.

JB is an amazing store, and they did a really great job. Lots of people drove in from some surrounding states, like Kentucky and Illinois, as well as far-out places in Ohio. Along with new faces, there were also folks who had seen me at previous signings in Lexington and Columbus.

Carrying on Chicago's Midwest tradition, Cincinnati represented with T-shirts. We had the Dimitri fans...

...and the Adrian fans.

There were some quote shirts in the house too.

And we even started branching out into signs at this event.

One reader even came in wearing some VA handcrafted attire. Fashionable AND warm.

This is a fun region, and everyone was so nice that my Wolverine instincts were able to cope with all the Buckeye gear that abounded. I also like the Midwest because they know I don't have an accent.

It's hard to see, but this is a Georgina bag someone made for me with the cover of Succubus Shadows on it. Georgina doesn't have too much handmade merch out there, so it's always fun to see stuff like this.

So, thank you so much to Joseph-Beth and all the people (many of whom drove hours) to come see me! This was a super good time. Tomorrow, I'll be signing in St. Paul at--wait for it--the Mall of America! It's snowing there now, but I've been told it's "only" 6-8 inches and shouldn't affect travel. So, fingers crossed! See you soon, Minnesota.


Well, the New York City pictures remain elusive. It turns out that they're just so giant, none of my hotels' wireless connections want to download them. So, we may just all wait and have them be a surprise when I'm home in Seattle.

Tonight, I was in the Windy City of Chicago, which--ironically--is the least windy place I've visited on tour so far. NYC and Philadelphia were not kind to my hair. After flying in this morning, I did some hardcore stock signing. This means you may find some signed copies of my books in the area, if you missed the big signing tonight. Places to check are Borders stores in Oakbrook, Oak Park, and Norridge, as well Anderson's in Naperville. We also visited a B&N not far from O'Hare, but I can't recall the specifics, except that it was really big. Oh, Rachael Ray's coming there, so it might be Oakbrook Center. Regardless, call these places if you're looking for a signed book.

You can also find extra signed copies at the Book Cellar, the hosting store for my event tonight. The signing was held at Northside College Prep, this really enormous and amazing high school. I signed in their auditorium:

The weather started to turn on us and kept some people from coming out tonight, but we still had a great crowd who braved the elements. I got to meet a lot of people from the Chicago area and neighboring states--and even some from North Carolina.

I also got to see a rare Georgina shirt! Check it out.

In a word: awesome.

Kind readers ensured I'd surive the weather by bringing me some sustenance. Nikki made sure I'd have caffeine tomorrow, and Kelly here brought me some classic Chicago sweets.

All in all, a great night! Thanks very much to those who braved the weather. It's still snowing, but I'm told it should all be fine tomorrow, which is good news since I'll be flying out to Cincinnati. Details about that, as usual, are on my website. Hope to see you Ohio-ans there at 7pm at Joseph-Beth.

Philadelphia Story

My husband sent me the New York pictures, but I had some trouble downloading at my hotel today. So, I'm going to try those again tomorrow and instead jump right into a recap of my day in Philadelphia.

I arrived in the City of Brotherly Love bright and early this morning, in order to do a brief interview on The 10! Show. It was the first TV interview I've ever done in front of a live studio audience (which really isn't so different from a signing), but most of the audience was a Girl Scout troop, which was pretty cool. The link to the interview is here.

After some city stock signings, I caught a much-needed nap at my hotel and then headed out to tonight's event. It was put on by Doylestown Bookstore but hosted at the Mercer Museum, this amazing place that looked like it could totally be somewhere the founding fathers hung out.

This crowd really turned up the T-shirts. The Dimitri fan in the middle looks a little nervous stuck between two Adrian fans. Of course, maybe she doesn't have to worry if they turn on each other instead to fight over who gets him.

This group of friends came out representing the whole VA series.

Each of their shirts had the respective book's tagline on the back.

A number of people here tonight had seen me at the Delaware and/or Maryland signings in the last year...

...and had the shirt to prove it:

What's this? I spy an Arcane Vault shirt!

Shirts weren't the only thing representing. Senita came with a full set of tattoos:

There were also some VA handcrafted projects on-hand, like this folder full of Dimitri-love.

The folder's creator had a pretty awesome quote shirt too. I love those, though they never photograph well. Trust me that it was cool.

It was a long, busy, and fun signing. This family waited almost three hours to get books signed and gifted me with a really, really neat elephant good luck charm.

Little did I know that I was actually about to meet a fellow author. We posed together with our respective books.

I adored her book, which hopefully you can see more closely here. I want two things noted, however. First, she asked me to sign it. Second, I blotted out her name for privacy. So, don't go thinking I covered up her name to replace it with mine and steal credit for The Happy Book, okay?

All in all, a very good night, filled with lots of great people! Thank you so much to the hosts, workers, and attendees. Everyone in in the Philadelphia area is so friendly, and driving through the suburbs is like going through quaint, magical Colonial villages (with Chick-Fil-A's and Best Buys). Tomorrow finds me in the Windy City, where I hope I'll see Chicagoland at 7pm at Northside College Prep. Details of that and my future stops are here.

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