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New Contest: Product Placement

Many people have noted that I need to celebrate the new contracts with a new Betsey dress. It may come to that soon, but that'll require me actually, you know, having the advances in my bank account. And that could take a while. So, in the meantime, let's celebrate with a contest. But as usual, it's one you've got to do a little work for.

Here's what you've got to do. Come up with a product that you'd find in a vampire's household and provide a catchy tag-line/advertising type pitch for it. Like so:

B Positive Anti-depressants
For when life takes a bite out of you.

Okay, that's not the greatest, but you can do better. Between blood and a thousand other things/legends/objects in vampire pop culture and history, I have no doubt you guys will wow me with your wit and creativity. Leave your entries in the comment field to this post. The contest will run until this Saturday, March 1 at 11:59pm Pacific time. I'll announce winners next week and reserve the right to delete entries per my discretion.

Plus, guess what? My friends can enter because I'll be scoring the entries sans names. Woot.

And what'll you win? An ARC of Eternal Lover. That's the little-mentioned anthology that Jackie Kessler and I are both in. It has a cool Georgina novella in it and isn't out until the end of March. Your friends will be so jealous, it isn't even funny. I'll also throw in some cover flats for Storm Born and maybe Frostbite too if I can find them. Plus, I finally ordered the pens (remember those?), so I'll add one of those too, and you can finally see what got put on them!

Good swag for three lucky winners. But, nota bene: I can't give you prizes if I can't contact you. If you're an LJ user and enter, I can most likely hunt you down. But if you post anonymously, sign your name to the comment and make sure you check back March 3-4 to see if you won. If I don't hear from you after I've posted the winners, you might not get your goods. I feel all totalitarian stating this stuff, but well, after the title contest mishap, I have to channel my old teacher persona.

Good luck! Go commercial!

Sleepless in Seattle

Have I used that title before? If I haven't, I'm kind of surprised. That's the kind of silly, cliched pun-construct that would draw me in.

Despite having only gotten 6 hours of sleep last night (thank you for waking me up, Qwest), I find my old friend insomnia plaguing me tonight. It's hard to tell if stress feeds insomnia or insomnia feeds stress. Regardless, I'm overtired and fretting about all sorts of things. Such as...

I'm worried about Succubus Dreams, which is due soon and has gotten kinked up by a couple of problems. My chief beta reader claims it might be the best succubus book yet, but I don't know if he can be trusted. I used to date him in college, know. Admittedly, he's never led me astray before in book analysis, but he doesn't know what I do about how one of the subplots isn't going to unfold correctly. Fortunately, my agent's on board to sort through this, so I know we'll figure this out. I just wish we didn't have to figure it out by early December.

I'm also getting overwhelmed by unpacking the condo. The more boxes I unpack and empty, the more chaotic the place becomes. It's unclear if the condo can be ready in time for my housewarming party. I mean, it'll be ready, but it's a question of whether "ready" will involve everything having its own place or whether it'll mean boxes of junk just get shoved in my closet. I did, however, uncover my perfume collection, so some interesting types should come scrolling through here in the perfume field at the bottom. Sadly, I also spilled some while unpacking, so now my bathroom smells like Givenchy's Amirage d'Amour.

Other news. Much personal drama is also afoot. One piece is so absurd it doesn't warrant any further description here. The other is secret. Ha.

But hey, here's one thing that isn't keeping me awake. Eternal Lover is now available on Amazon. This is the anthology that features a Georgina novella called "City of Demons." Just think! 100 pages of new succubus adventures. It also, as of this posting, has no sales ranking, so you could be the first to order it! Act now! Christina, you know I'm talking to you...

PLEASE! Mark all spoilers in your comments.

*If you have questions about books, release dates, tour dates, or anything else, please check my website instead of leaving the question in comments or using LJ mail. You're more likely to find an answer!.*

I have red hair and subsist entirely on Kona coffee.

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