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Touring, statues, etc.

I don't know what's sadder: the fact that another week has passed since I blogged or that my first impulse to blog came when I saw a mother and children talk to the deer statue yesterday. If I keep this up, my bio is going to have to be changed to, "Author Richelle Mead enjoys reading, buying dresses, and blogging about lawn statuary."

I discovered a treasure trove of international covers on my laptop yesterday, so I'll at least put some of those up the next time I'm using it. Today, I'm at my desk and happily have some other news to share. The Last Sacrifice Tour is being finalized for December, and I'll have a list of cities and dates for you soon, once everything is official. In the meantime, my publisher is trying to choose between 5 cities for one of the stops and has decided to open it up to a vote. So, if you live in or near Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Atlanta, Los Angeles, or Cincinnati, you'll want to head here to vote and try and get your city on the tour.

Note: there are already other cities confirmed for the tour, so not seeing one up there doesn't mean it's not on the itinerary. Basically, there's one day still being determined, and those cities are the contenders for it. Whenever I post about travel, I always get a lot of "Can you come to [my city]?" questions. The best I can say is "I don't know" and point you toward the post explaining how my travel is arranged. In a perfect world, I could visit everyone, but that post kind of goes over the reality of it all. Hope it helps! Thanks so much for all the support and requests. It means a lot to me!


Deerly beloved

Yesterday, my husband saw a small girl riding her bike past our house. She stopped and waved at our neighbor's deer. To the best of our knowledge, it didn't wave back. Since I didn't see her, I'm also not sure if she was one of the girls who was petting the deer a couple weeks ago. For all I know, the deer may have some kind of device inside it that lures in all children within a certain radius and slowly enslaves them into a pint-sized army of destruction.

In only slightly less creepy news, Facebook's ad system has decided my life can be summed up with geekdom, packaged food, and cats.

Well-done, Facebook.


Oh deer

I know it's been a while since my last post, but hopefully, this entry will make up for it because it's about MY NEIGHBORS. Well, kind of.

Before I get to that, let me cover a few other important things. First, today's the release day of my friend Jeanne Stein's book Chosen. It's the newest book in her Anna Strong series, and if you're looking for some new vampire material, it's not to be missed.

Also not to be missed is this video from San Diego ComicCon that Penguin made of me and a number of other authors. I don't think I'm very articulate on camera, but Heather Brewer is pretty awe-inspiring. All in all, it was good fun and paints a pretty accurate picture of the wonder that is SDCC.

Okay, let's talk about my neighbors.

Before you get excited: no, they're not back. And I don't think they're coming back. Whether they were real KGB spies or just rowdy Russian partiers, we'll never know. The house's owner isn't letting them back, so until new renters are found, the house remains uninhabited.

Well, almost.

This ornamental deer has graced the front yard of my absent neighbor's house as long as I've lived here. A few months ago, though, the deer moved. Closer to my house. One morning we woke up, and the deer was sitting right in front of the hedge that separates our yards. Over time, the deer has been inching closer and closer to my yard. Every so often, we move it back toward the neighboring yard. And it keeps coming back to ours.

We have a few theories about this. One is that whatever real estate agent is trying to rent the house either thinks the deer is ours or wants it to be. He or she also probably thinks the deer is bringing down the value (after all, we're not in Michigan anymore) and would prefer it not be visible to future tenants. Another theory is that the landscapers that keep our neighborhood tidy are unwittingly moving it when they do lawn maintenance.

My husband's theory is that the deer comes to life at night and moves itself.

Whatever the reason, we can't get rid of that deer. It keeps coming back to the edge of our yard. The other day, I was going out to my car and saw a dad with his two little girls kneeling down by the deer. The dad said apologetically to me, "I hope you don't mind, but they really wanted to pet your deer." I should have said, "Don't encourage it." Instead, I said I didn't mind, seeing as the deer wasn't mine. But I guess as long as the owner stays away, the deer wants to be mine. At this point, if we move it to the other side of my neighbor's house, I'm kind of afraid the deer is going to show up in my bed or something.

Maybe the deer has some kind of surveillance equipment inside of it, planted by the former tenants. Of course, I'm not sure what kind of national security intel they could actually be gathering from that vantage point, short of me pruning flowers and filling the hummingbird feeder. Regardless, I'm keeping my eye on that deer.

Because it's keeping its eyes on us.


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