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I haven't had a lot of time to blog, but cool stuff is still going on! If you've read Bloodlines, you know that Adrian has some ideas about what the most awesome tattoo ever would be. Well, Arcane Vault--who makes all those neat shirts and other VA merchandise--is running a contest to draw Adrian's dream tattoo. The winning entry will win an Arcane Vault prize pack. AV is running the contest, but I re-posted all the details over at The League of Reluctant Adults. So, if you've got some artistic inclinations, head on over and read all the info about how to submit, who it's open to, and what else you need to do. Good luck!


The Golden Lily cover
Bloodlines comes out in ten days, and there are so many promo things going on that I finally figured I should round them all up into one post for your (and my) convenience. It's getting too easy to lose track! Here we go.

Note: If you're thinking this post seems short for something with an "extravaganza" title, it's because a lot of the things have expired and were deleted from this page. Here's what's still going on:

* Live chat...with me!
On August 18, 2pm Pacific Time, I'll be live chatting over at Project Paranormal on Facebook. You do have to be a FB member and "like" their page. Then, when the chat starts (not before), post your questions on the wall as you normally would in FB. I'll do my best to get through them in an hour! We may not get to everything if there's a huge rush, and duplicates may get skipped...but like I said, we'll see what we can do. 2pm US Pacific on 8/18 is 5pm US Eastern time, 10pm in the UK, and 11pm in western Europe. In Australia, this will technically be on 8/19, 7am in Australian EST and 5am Australian WST. For other time zones in the world or questions use this time zone converter. This chat is being run as part of the Bloodlines promo, but you can ask questions about other things. Just know it's not a license for me to answer everything in the world! You should know by now how cautious I am with spoilers. :)

* Bloodlines 1020 Challenge
Man, Facebook's everywhere, isn't it? Over on the Bloodlines Official Global Page, they're trying to reach 20,000 likes. They're half-way there, and if they hit 20k, they'll release an early video of me revealing a BIG secret from Bloodlines. So, if that's something you'd be into, head on over and help them out!

Want to win an early copy of Bloodlines?

What a silly question. Of course you do!

All the rules are posted over on the Bloodlines Contest page on Facebook in the "Info" section. It's pretty easy to enter, but make sure you read everything carefully. Also, if copying and pasting the contest email address doesn't work, try typing it out to enter. Lots of prizes are on the line, including Bloodlines, the VA graphic novel, and other autographed VA books. The contest is open to all countries. Good luck!

Note: you may have seen an earlier post about entering this contest by changing your Facebook picture and status. If you entered that way, please check the Info section again since the rules had to be changed. You'll need to enter in the new email way to be counted. You don't have to keep the VA profile pic up anymore, but you're certainly welcome to if you'd like to show your support! :)

Valentine results! For real!

Adora & Seahawk
Well, I made it back to Seattle last night and am very happy to be home and back to work. I've got a deadline fast approaching, so I expect the adrenaline and caffeine to start coming on strong. Since there's still BIG news coming Friday, I figured I'd better finally get on to judging the Valentine contest so that we can have those results out of the way. Besides, it's been, like, what...a month? Yeah. It's time to get onto this.

So, without further ado, here are the winners in no particular order. I ended up going with six, and many thanks to the fab Heather Osborn for helping me sift through these. Thanks also to everyone who entered! I was a bit overwhelmed by the response. I always kind of cringe at judging things like this because everyone's put in so much work, and there are so many good ones! So, once again--thank you to everyone.

Here we go! (Psst--for the faint of heart and those at work, there's a bad word in the last valentine. You've been warned!).

In this one, Kalie uses one of my very favorite quotes. I guess that sounds kind of egotistical of me since I created the quote, huh?

From cem_214, we have the whole Dark Swan series succinctly summed up in one card--a handmade one, at that.

day_dreamer94 brings the manga on, and for some reason, I'm amused by 'cool' being used along with 'godly' and 'dangerous.'

rclibrarian points out that Valentine's cards are really the ideal expression of succubus love.

I can't speak for Rose and Dimitri, but Tynga gets straight to my heart with a lolcat.

And lastly, Brodie captures Adrian's poetic sentiments and continued attempts to woo Rose.

So, congratulations to the winners! Drop me a line at, and we'll figure out what to send you. To everyone else: awesome jobs! This was a lot of fun. You know what else'll be fun? The next blog post...which does not involve me being pregnant or Spirit Bound coming out early. But thanks for the suggestions. :) Talk to you soon!


Hasty update, London, and a video!

Korean VA
Okay, real quick as I'm frantically preparing for my UK flight tonight! Re: the Valentine Contest, judging it is becoming an astounding task. Thanks for the entries, but WOW! There are a lot, and it takes a while to go through those links. So, bear with me. I'll work on it in the UK, but we may have to wait a couple weeks for results.

For my UK friends, your tour starts this week, and all updated info is right here. For London people, you now have *2* stock signings on the schedule, but make sure you read that page and understand what a stock signing is. Can't wait to see you all!

And for everyone else, Penguin has posted a new video of me waxing about books, life, etc. that you can view by clicking here. Enjoy!

Adora & Seahawk

It was recently brought to my attention that there is an appalling lack of Richelle Mead merchandise out there, which is a shame since the season of love is upon us, and nothing says romance like novels filled with fist-fights, the ambiguity of heaven and hell, and tragic lovers that I insist on tormenting.

My pal Michelle Rowen tried to remedy this by taking a product that actually exists...

...and turning it into this:

Sigh. If only it did exist. Still, I think we can all agree that Michelle has mad writing AND Photoshop skillz.

Product placement may be a ways off, but Michelle's brilliance inspired a new contest: Make Valentines About My Books.

The sky's pretty much the limit. Your valentines and cards can relate to any of my series. They can be funny. They can be sweet and serious. You can use your own art/photos. You can use pictures from my book covers. You can make generic valentines like the ones you give out in elementary school, or you can make valentines that are specifically from one character to another character. You can make your cards in Photoshop. You can cut them out of construction paper and scan them in. Seriously. It's up to you. Just don't put any R-rated images on them, ok?

I've made a quick example to get us started, but by no means think you have to make yours like this:

Like I said: creativity is yours. Let it run wild! The biggest rule to follow is to NOT post your images here on my LJ, or they'll be deleted. Post them somewhere else, and then include the link in one of your comments to this post. You may enter as many times as you like. All countries welcome. Contest ends at 11:59pm, February 14 - U.S. Pacific Time.

What can you win? Books, of course. There'll be four winners. My adult readers can score a Succubus Shadows ARC, Mark Henry's Happy Hour of the Damned, and maybe something else from my canon. Since I have no new YA stuff to offer, teen winners get an awesome assortment of other YA books by authors like Lili Saintcrow, Heather Brewer, and Michelle Rowen.

Enter soon! Have fun!


We can has winnerz

Ceiling Cat!
Okay, after a lot of deliberation, I'm excited to announce the winners of the 'Lolcat My Books' wedding contest. This has to be one of the hardest decisions I've made--and is part of the reason contests are so stressful for me! It's so difficult choosing a winner, especially when there's so many good candidates. And really, all the entries were amazing. I can't thank you guys enough for working so hard on these. The winners were chosen for all sorts of criteria, including things like the images, how the scenes were translated to pics, how well "lolspeak" was used, and assorted creative things. Too many reasons to list, including which ones just made me laugh out loud.

Anyway, I decided to name THREE runners-up and then one overall winner. Here are the three runners-up, who can choose a book from my backlist. Click on the pictures if you want to see the winners' entire entries.

Runner-up: forevermore01's rendition of Thorn Queen, which inexplicably and wonderfully managed to convey astonishing amounts of lol plot exposition per panel.

Runner-up: danztheniteaway's version of Succubus Heat, which did a really fantastic job of seamlessly translating all the key points to lolspeak and images.

Runner-up: epicureanangel's Blood Promise. The last panel of this one (which I can't show here because of spoilers) sent me into hysterics while the husband and I were in Napa.

And lastly, the grand prize goes to x_thud_x's epic telling of Succubus Dreams. I think this picture probably could have won it alone.

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you again to all who entered! I seriously enjoyed them all and revisited many of them over and over. Winners can email me at to find out your prize choices. Runners-up get one book of choice, and the overall winner gets three + an augmented VA. Thanks again, everybody!


The Wedding Challenge

German SB
When you guys don't see me online for a while, it's usually because I'm swamped with some deadline, and this last week has been no exception. Added onto all of that is that I'm going to be getting married soon. Like, within the next few days. So, a lot of those last minute details have been keeping me busy and adding onto all the other stress this week! Craziness.

I fly out of town tomorrow to an undisclosed location for my wedding and will do my best to send Twitter and Facebook updates. While I'm out of town, I have come up with a very tough challenge for some of you to work on. It was inspired by this: the lolcats version of New Moon. If you're a fan of Twilight and lolcats (by which I mean the actual internet cats, not my fiance's user name), then you can appreciate the skill that went into that.

So here's what I want. I want someone to make a lolcats version of one of my books. If you're not familiar with lolcats culture, lingo, and all that, this may be something you want to avoid. But if you think you've got what it takes to hit the high points of one of my novels, then you can win some exciting prizes when I get back from my wedding adventures.

Here are the rules:
1. You may pick any of my books you like
2. Entry must contain no more than 25 pictures (but can certainly have less)
3. Obeying picture copyright laws is your responsibility
4. Post your entry on your own website or blog and then list the link here in my comments. DO NOT post your pictures here, or your entry will be deleted.
5. lolcats generally don't get into too much profanity, but if in doubt, mark your link with a NSFW when you post it here
6. Open to the U.S. and beyond

Again, check out the New Moon link above to get a feel for the style, and then get cracking with Adobe Photoshop or whatever your program of choice is. If you're a total lolcats newb, I recommend checking out this site for examples and lolcat lingo.

Contest ends 12/8/09 at 11:59pm Pacific time. The winner gets an "augmented reality" hardcover edition of VA, plus three other books of choice from my backlist (which now includes the Immortal anthology and an ARC of Succubus Shadows).

Runner-up can choose between a hardcover VA or a Succubus Shadows ARC.

Have at it, and have fun!


Stuff and stuff. And more stuff.

German cover of Frostbite
No coherent theme today, just a few updates. I realized that my Canadian adventure is coming up soon, so I thought I'd send out another reminder. I'm going to be a panelist at the Surrey International Writers Conference next weekend, and since I'll be in the Vancouver/Surrey, BC area, there are a couple of signings tacked on to the trip. Dates and times are here. If you're one of my neighbors to the north, I hope you'll come see me.

The other news is that I did indeed win through phase 2 of Bitten By Books' Favorite Paranormal Author contest. Thanks again for your support! BBB is doing a total of 4 (I think) rounds with different authors up for vote each time, and then the fifth round will take the winners of the previous rounds and put them up for an ultimate showdown. Two authors win each week. This week, a couple of friends of mine are up on the list: the awesome Michelle Rowen and Dakota Cassidy. Now, I don't like to tell people who to vote for, and if you've got a different favorite author up there this week, then I say: Hey! Vote for them. But, if you're undecided or don't know anyone, then I'll put in a plea here to go vote for Michelle and Dakota. You can vote for two authors at once, so that's pretty handy. And just to sweeten things up, I'll host a contest with hot prizes in honor of them if both Michelle and Dakota win through this round. Sure, that means we'd all be facing off in round 5, but that's a problem for later. So, regardless of your choice, get out there and vote!

Oh, and one more quick thing about the Immortal anthology mentioned in the last post. Immortal was released over a year ago, with a different cover (a flower). It didn't have very much exposure, which is why it's now being released again with a hot new cover and being put in a lot more stores. So, if you bought the old one, know that the stories are identical with one exception: a story by the lovely Rachel Vincent has been added to the new addition. I hope this helps with some of the questions that have been coming up.

Okay, back to work for this girl.

If I don't blog, no one will

SB2 Icon
Sorry for going off the grid this week. I've found I'm staying saner by keeping a low profile. Without me even realizing it, my stress meter dialed up into the red zone recently, and now I feel like I'm just barely staying afloat with all the tasks I have to do before Blood Promise's release and tour! It's all pretty exciting, but it's also funny because I know some of you are wishing the days would speed up. Me? I could use some extra time!

So, I have no coherent post today, just a miscellaneous string of updates. First up, after a few weeks off, I'm back on one of Bitten By Books' weekly polls. This time, it's for August's most anticipated book release, and Blood Promise is a nominee. It's got a handy lead so far (knock on wood), and if you want to lend further support, you can cast your vote here.

And now, news from around the world...

Americans: your tour dates are holding steady over here. Make sure you read the 'PLEASE READ' section there for info about pictures and how many books I'll sign. For those who've done mail pre-orders of Blood Promise from University Bookstore, thanks! I'm going in to sign and personalize them next week (over a hundred orders - guess what I'll be doing all day?), and then I believe they'll ship out on 8/24. Locals: I'll also have a proper public reading and signing at U Bookstore on 8/25, as well as another at the Redmond Borders. All dates are on the calendar page linked above.

Australians: your tour scheduled is finalized here as well. For you guys, note that bookings are highly recommended, as seats are quickly disappearing for these events. One event has already sold out, but everything else still has availability (updates are at the calendar link). Also, remember to enter the Dolly Roving Reporter Contest--especially if you don't live in the cities I'm visiting. I hear the entries they've received so far are pretty amazing, so make sure you submit your entry to come be my personal reporter!

Everyone else: I'm getting a lot of questions about when Blood Promise will show up in other countries. The short answer: I don't know. A key part of this is whether there's a book company in your country that's actually publishing the VA series there vs. if the series is coming in as an import. While a lot of countries have bought publishing rights to the series, the only ones actually releasing titles right now are: Australia, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Turkey, and Brazil. To my knowledge, the only one of those countries that's up to date with having all three books out and that will also have BP out with the Americans is Australia. That means everyone else is relying on American copies being imported via specialty stores or mail order--and again, that's just not something I know about. Sorry!

And that's about all I've got for you. I'll try to keep updates coming here when I get in some time, and if you follow me on Twitter and Facebook, I've done a reasonably good job at posting there recently. More news'll come as I get it, and thank to all of you who have been so wonderful at lending your support recently to me, Thorn Queen, and Blood Promise. You guys rock.

PLEASE! Mark all spoilers in your comments.

*If you have questions about books, release dates, tour dates, or anything else, please check my website instead of leaving the question in comments or using LJ mail. You're more likely to find an answer!.*

I have red hair and subsist entirely on Kona coffee.

Other crucial information--such as my books, background, and appearances--can be found by clicking the links below.

Please note: I am HOPELESSLY behind in responding to e-mails and LJ comments right now. Be patient as I catch up!



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