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We have all sorts of Vampire Academy movie things to share with you today, so let's get moving. First up, if you missed the amazing behind-the-scenes story and interviews that Entertainment Weekly did this week, then go check out this link right now. I got to see those stunt scenes being filmed, and they were INCREDIBLE.

MTV also posted their behind-the-scenes visit to the set, showing how much fun the cast had together. You can view those here. You have no idea how thrilled I am that everyone making the movie had such a good time with each other! They worked hard when the cameras rolled and played hard afterward. I love it.

I hope seeing this behind-the-scenes raw footage of the movie is helping convince you guys of what I, the actors, director, and screenwriter have been saying in countless interviews over the last few months: this movie really is true to the books. There are small changes here and there, but we all know that happens when you switch art forms, and believe me, compared to some other books-to-movies I've seen, the VA changes are minor. Now, I can't help you if an actor doesn't match your imagination, any more than you can change what's in my head. That's the thing with books: they're subjective. We create our own images in our minds. For a non VA example: I adore Woody Harrelson, but he wasn't who I pictured for Haymitch. I still gave Hunger Games a chance and was pleased to see they did the character justice and did a solid (identical? no) adaptation of the book. There were so many other great things going on that I got used to him and forgot my initial misgivings.

Still, some longtime VA fans are skeptics for the movie. They look at the teaser and other promo materials and say, "It makes VA look like Mean Girls! VA's not a comedy! This looks like a high school movie!" First off, I work very hard on some of Rose and Christian's one-liners, so come on--you have to acknowledge there's some humor--especially compared to other more serious supernatural series whose heroines would NEVER put ketchup on tacos or give battle cries. I love my wacky running jokes. :) Remember also that this first book IS in high school, complete with dances and note passing. The C4 and Russian countryside come later. But in all seriousness, for those worried the movie has transformed the book into a parody, I'm telling you flat out: it hasn't. There's exactly the same amount of humor in the movie as the books. There's the same amount of romance. There's the same amount of action. There's the same amount of darkness. There's the same amount of friendship. That balance I strove for in my writing made it to this adaptation.

So if it's all in there, why are the ads showing more of the movie's humor than its other parts? Because not everyone likes vampire stories. Crazy, right? If they did, they'd all be here reading this post. A lot of people do, however, like Mark and Daniel Waters's history with dark humor (as well they should), and so the movie's marketing team is highlighting that part of VA in the advertising. You see, there are people who would never see a vampire movie but will give snarky humor a chance. In some ways, that's why Twilight was the megahit it was. People who'd never read anything paranormal gave it a try because romance lovers were so hooked by the compelling love story that they were like, "Hey, I can live with vampires for the sake of this romance!" Likewise, the VA marketing team's hope is that people who normally say, "Blah, yuck, vampire stories are sappy and boring and overdone" will see some of this quirky, edgy marketing and be like, "Okay, I don't usually do vampires, but I love stories with attitude." And we all know VA has attitude.

Don't believe me about this marketing thing? Read this awesome io9 recap of the VA panel at NYCC today. This journalist wasn't initially sold on another vampire movie...but then changed her mind after seeing some of the movie's funnier clips.

And here's a truth people don't talk about: for VA to be successful and hopefully have sequels, it needs both its current fans and some new ones to come out and see it in the theaters. It's no secret that a lot of recent young adult books-to-movies haven't done well (including ones with MUCH bigger fan bases than VA), and it's because they haven't pulled in the audiences they needed to survive. The VA marketing team is trying to change this by showing new people, "Hey, you think you've seen every kind of vampire story out there? Guess again." And it's actually working. I've had other people tell me they read the books after seeing the teaser trailer and then say, "The books were different from what I expected, but I LOVED them! And now I can't wait for the movie."

That's what we need if we want to see Adrian cast for a Frostbite movie, guys. And we need you--our longtime fans and readers of the series--to have faith and hang in there as the movie team works its marketing magic to make the VA Family bigger. I love you guys for supporting the series for so long--you're what's even made a movie possible. And now I need you around to teach these new people what's what in the VA world!

And on that note, I think I can close with this eye-catching poster just revealed on Yahoo Movies yesterday. See what I'm saying? Does this say ordinary, sappy, vampires-gazing-longingly-at-each-other to you?


I can't believe it's been a little less than a month since I blogged! A mega workload and pregnancy are keeping me off the blog these days, but don't worry, when I do come back here, I more than make up for it with news. So sit back because we've got a lot to cover!

Entertainment Tonight's behind-the-scenes look at the VA movie!
You heard the rumors over the weekend, and it's true. Tomorrow (October 8 in the US), ET is airing their behind-the-scene footage from when they visited the Vampire Academy movie set in July. They were there at the same time as me, and I know for a fact they saw some AMAZING stuff. So get ready, because this is going to be awesome! ET airs at 7:30pm in most Eastern time zone states. Here in Seattle, it airs at 7pm Pacific Time. This handy guide on their website will help you find your local time and TV channel. If you can't watch it or don't live in the US, no worries at all! ET almost always posts their stories on their websites after they air, so you'll able to watch it online later. (Note: There was a date change, and ET moved it from 10/7 to 10/8).

The Fiery Heart first trailer!
If you're a fan of the Bloodlines series, get ready because the first of six TFH book trailers goes online tonight! Here are a few time zones to help you find it when it'll be up:

If your time zone isn't listed, use this converter to figure it out. And to reiterate what always comes up, these are BOOK TRAILERS that the folks at Penguin Australia put together. There's no movie of the Bloodlines series coming. These are just fun little productions to tease you about what's coming out in the book.

Vampire Academy at New York Comic Con!
If you've got tickets to this Friday at NYCC, good news for you! You can stop by and see some of the VA cast talking about the movie. FINALLY, get those burning questions answered. The panel is at 11am on Friday, and tickets are sold out for that day if you don't have them already, I'm afraid. I don't have a confirmed list of who's on the panel (it won't be me - I'm staying on the West Coast and can't wait to hear how it goes!), but I've heard Zoey Deutch (Rose) will be one of the panelists. Also at NYCC will be the fabulous Emma Vieceli, VA graphic novel artist. She has panels and signings on both Friday and Saturday. Look up her schedule on their website, and stop by and see her! Maybe she'll show you some sneak peeks of Shadow Kiss art!
***ADDENDUM: There are conflicting times going around, one saying that the VA panel is Thursday at NYCC. However, it is DEFINITELY on Friday at 11am.

My Signings
I'll only have two appearances for the The Fiery Heart, both in the Pacific Northwest. If you live near Seattle or Portland, OR, I hope you'll come see me to get books signed and find out the scoop on future books and the movie! Times and stats are here on my calendar. I'd love to visit more places, but I have a feeling those two signings will already be exhausting at seven-months-pregnant, so I'm staying close to home! Don't worry, though. If you still want an autographed copy of The Fiery Heart or of any of my other books, my local store will ship you one, and I'll even make it out to you. The information and deadlines are here on my website, and yes, they ship internationally!

Cover Coverage

I've been getting some questions about a VA cover that's shown up on Amazon, so I thought I'd address that and some other relevant info for you guys. Here's the cover I'm talking about, which is what shows up when you view the first book, Vampire Academy:


Here's what's going on. This winter, my American publisher is going to be re-releasing the Vampire Academy series with different covers. Starting around November, new paperback printings of the VA series will have covers like the one you see above. That's the first book. Each of the other books will have a new cover with the same pattern, so Frostbite will be blue with a background image of those two people from the former cover design covered by the VA logo. Now, it's important to note that this will not be happening overnight. It's not like on November 1, all VA books will have these new covers. However, it does mean they will become more and more frequent in stores and online, and these old covers may become harder to find:


Again, it won't be an all or nothing replacement right away. You'll probably find both versions in stores for a while, and it's hard to say what you'll get when you order online as inventories shift.

As you process that, here's something else that'll be happening. At the end of December, another new set of VA books will be coming out with--you guessed it--movie tie-in covers. I don't have any previews of these, but you can assume there'll be some awesome pictures of the cast. These will be out along with the redesigned ones in stores (that's the first pic I posted), but I can't guarantee where you'll get what. So, one store may have redesigns, movie tie-ins, and old ones. One store may only have redesigns. Another may only have movie tie-ins. There'll be lots of options!

What does this mean for you? It means plan accordingly! If you like the old cover or need to complete your set, now is the time to get on that and buy them while they're still available. If you like the new redesigned style with the VA logo, hold off until this winter to stock up in November (or ask for them for Christmas!). And if you want movie covers, ask for gift cards for Christmas so that you can then buy the movie ones in late December or in January. Something cool to know is that when the movie versions come out, there'll also be a boxed set of books 1-6 released and a book about the making-of the movie. The Bloodlines series will not be affected by any of this.

For those in other countries, covers are always at the discretion of your publishers, so I can't say for sure what's going on. I'm pretty sure the English-speaking countries (especially Canada, the UK, and Australia) will get movie covers around the same time the US does, but I've heard nothing of redesigns. If you're in a country that doesn't print my books in your language and instead relies on imports of American books, you'll probably be seeing a mix of covers.

So, lots of exciting things are coming! I'll keep you posted and put up images of all the covers as soon as I'm able to (and have seen them myself). And regardless of what covers you see, remember the most important thing of all: the books themselves aren't changing on the inside! The story will stay the same. :)

If you weren't avidly watching social media this week, it's possible you might've missed the Vampire Academy teaser trailer. That's right. After years of fanmade trailers on YouTube, I'm happy to finally give you this:

Amazing, huh? That is A LOT packed into only a little over a minute, and we still haven't really seen any full scenes or dialogue. But don't worry--I'm sure those will come! They just have to build us up. If you questions about the trailer, here are some links that might help you out! Over the last couple of days, I've been asked all sorts of things, from what certain scenes in the trailer are to how true it is to the book to--of course--when will we see more?! So watch it a few more times, then check out this great links.

Trailer Interview with Kozlovsky Brazil - In which I talk about all the things this amazing trailer had to do, costumes, my reactions to favorite scenes, and more!

Trailer Interview with Dhampir Life
- In which I talk about some of the darker characters, the desk scene (c'mon guys, freeze it and it should be clear who is--or, rather, ISN'T--in there), and actor chemistry.

Transcript of Today's Twitter Q&A - I took over the Official VA Movie handle and answered lots of fan movie questions about character hair, soundtrack, premiere, and more!

You want some movie stuff, eh?

Well, feast your eyes on this, and get ready for an action-packed ride!

First up, USA Today has the first look at three stills from the Vampire Academy film, as well as an amazing article featuring interviews with director Mark Water and star Zoey Deutch. Very cool stuff!

Second, after a harrowing day on Twitter, Weinstein posted a sneak peek of the teaser trailer right here on Instagram. If that's got your pulse racing, rejoice because the FULL teaser trailer will be put online TOMORROW. I'll let you know the times as soon as I know.

Hope you can handle all this!

The official VA Facebook page posted a new picture from our set visit last month. Mostly it's a picture of me, though. What am I watching? Fourteen amazing minutes of footage from the movie that they put together for us of all sorts of different scenes:


Insider Tip #1: that university lecture hall I'm in was used as a classroom setting for St. Vladimir's. Insider Tip #2: My smile's a little goofy because I knew I was being photographed but was supposed to pretend I didn't know. My inner smile at the amazing footage I was watching is more like this: :D :D :D ♥ x 1000000

Excited to see some footage yourself? Hang in there, guys. The first trailer debuts NEXT WEEK!

Top Ten Things You May Not Know

Some of you are going to read this, and say, "Richelle, I know all those things!" But I guarantee, there are many who don't know some of these things...because I'm asked about them on a daily basis in email and social media. So, here's a rundown of some major things in the world of Richelle Mead that have slipped through the cracks for some people. Hope it helps!

1. There is a spin-off series to Vampire Academy called Bloodlines
Bloodlines has been out for almost two years, and I still get messages saying, "There are so many questions at the end of Last Sacrifice! How could you end the series? What happens to Sydney, Adrian, Jill, and Eddie?" Yup, there are questions I left on purpose in LS to set up Bloodlines. The Bloodlines series not only follows those four characters but also keeps us in the loop with Rose, Dimitri, Lissa, and Christian--whose roles are getting bigger as the series continues. The events happening in this series are pivotal if I ever do continue the VA series. Future plots are being set up right before your eyes! Book #4, The Fiery Heart, comes out in November, and you guys, it is SMOKIN' HOT. People who've read The Indigo Spell know I'm not messing around. So catch up on your Adrian action now! Series stats and excerpts are here.

2. There is a short story about Rose and Dimitri after Last Sacrifice
I'm often asked to write about Rose and Dimitri visiting Russia after LS ends. Surprise! It's already out there, in a short story called "Homecoming." You can find this story in an anthology called Foretold, which features other tales by some great authors. And to find out more about Rose and Dimitri after LS, see above and read Bloodlines.

frostbitegnsmall3. There are graphic novels of the VA series
Two, in fact. One for Vampire Academy and one for Frostbite. They're adapted by Leigh Dragoon and drawn by fab artist Emma Vieceli. Shadow Kiss will be out early next year, and future ones will depend on the success of these. So stock up, and tell your friends! You can find them on Amazon and and other big booksellers or order them signed here.

4. There's going to be a Vampire Academy movie
I thought everyone knew by now, but I still get questions on this too. Vampire Academy has just wrapped filming and will be released in the US on February 14, 2014. Other release dates are unknown since those are handled by each individual country's distributors. The VA movie has an amazing cast, is directed by Mark Waters of Mean Girls fame, and is written by Daniel Waters (who penned Heathers). The first trailer will be out this month, and whether or not the other books become movies will depend on this one's success.

VAposter5. You can order signed copies of my books pretty easily
If I'm not having a signing near you (which is likely, since pregnancy will keep me in the Pacific Northwest for the next year or so), fear not! You can order signed books from a local store of mine. They carry all of my current titles (including the graphic novels and Foretold mentioned above) and are even doing pre-orders for The Fiery Heart. There is no extra charge. You just have to pay shipping, and they'll ship internationally. PLEASE don't let someone online take advantage of you and sell you a signed copy of one of my books for some outrageous cost when you can get them at University Books for cover price. Instructions and the store's contact info are here.

6. I have a website
A lot of people don't know this! They go to Facebook and Twitter, wanting release dates and tour schedules, but it's already posted in one handy spot at: www.richellemead.com

7. I have a mailing list that will tell you when I'm coming to see you
People are sad (so am I) when they find out I just had a book signing in their city the previous week. Don't miss out on this stuff! I only send messages to my mailing list (4-5 times a year) to announce signings and new releases. No one else can post but me, and this way, you'll get notified if I'm signing near you. Join it here. If you want to chat about the books, there's a Yahoo group where lots of people talk.

gameboard1208. I have adult books...like, not Vampire Academy and Bloodlines
These books have more intense language and sex than my YA stuff, and you can learn about them and read excerpts here. They all have paranormal/fantasy elements and have varying degrees of the humor and romance I love to write about.

9. There's an app for me
Yup, if you're an Apple user, search for the World of Richelle Mead app. There's lots of free content, with book and character descriptions, and if you order a book through the app, you'll get an annotated copy with notes from me. Sorry--previous purchases outside the app won't work that way.

10. There's a scene out there written from Dimitri's POV
For helping Dimitri win a recent competition, I rewrote a short scene from the first VA book in Dimitri's point of view. You can read it here. Alas, despite all the requests, I'm afraid there will be no books or series written from his POV. This is as close as we get to his mysterious mind!

The Mind of Dimitri

If you've been following me in social media, you know that Dimitri had a pretty tough showdown last week in the annual YA Crush Tournament, but you guys managed to pull off his victory anyway! With Adrian's win last year, this makes Mead Men two for two. Thank you so much!

And as a reward, I'm delivering what I promised: a scene from the first VA book written in Dimitri's point of view. No, I'm not even joking. It's right here.

And if that wasn't enough, the first chapter of The Fiery Heart will go live on Monday, July 29. I'll post the link when that's up.


Movie Q&A

Got questions about the Vampire Academy movie? I've got answers! Maybe.

The Weinstein Company, one of the movie's distributors, is offering all fans (no geographic boundaries) the chance to ask me questions about the VA movie! Through next week, they'll be collecting fan questions and then choosing fifteen of them for me to answer on July 22. Hope they're not too tough for me! If you'd like the chance to post a question or two or three, there are a few places you can do it.

1. Right here
Just post your question in the comments! Note: if you post anonymously, the question will be invisible until I get a chance to go through and mark it as not-spam. So, I can't guarantee the Weinstein Company will see it in time. That means if you don't have an LJ account, try one of the other options.

2. Facebook
You can post your question to my Official Facebook page. As of the writing of this blog entry, the post asking for questions is near the top of my FB page. If you don't see it, scroll down until you find the entry mentioning the Weinstein Company's Q&A.

3. Twitter
You can post your question on Twitter! Post it to @OfficialVAMovie and tag it #vampireacademy. No need to send it to me on Twitter. I'm not choosing them, and it'll cost you valuable characters. :)

In other movie news, I can tell you that last I heard, this is the last week of filming. I haven't got 100% confirmation on that, but if you follow the actors on Twitter, you'll know that a bunch of them are wrapping up. Crazy. This, of course, brings up the next big question: when can we see teasers or trailers? All I can advise is patience (which isn't easy for me either!). There haven't been trailers while they're filming, so our odds are definitely better once they have all the footage! Even then, it takes time to edit together really good scenes. Keep in mind that they do about ten takes of each scene. That's a lot to go through. We'll probably see some stills before then, but again, I don't have dates. About the only thing I can say with some certainty is you'll get prop pictures at least once a week...so expect another this week!

Movie prop: St. Vladimir's Library Policy

Well, I know you guys are still desperately wanting cast pictures, but those still haven't gotten an official release. But, as promised, I am able to show a few other things this week, like my pic with director Mark Waters from Sunday. And today we have...a prop!

You're probably like, wait, what is this? Here's the story behind it. When I visited London, they were filming on location at a local university in order to do shots inside St. Vladimir's. As I was hanging out, I noticed all sorts of signs. Signs like this one about library policy. Signs directing me to other departments. Signs for staff offices. And I was thinking, "Yeah, yeah, of course there are signs, this is a university." Then I noticed something. This isn't one of the university's signs. It was a St. Vladimir's sign--made for the set! I don't even know if you'll be able to see these in the actual film. They're small, and there's so much action and drama in the school halls that it's probably hard to even notice these in the background. Nonetheless, the set department is so dedicated and keeping track of even the smallest details that they do stuff like this! I was blown away at that dedication. They don't overlook anything!

PLEASE! Mark all spoilers in your comments.

*If you have questions about books, release dates, tour dates, or anything else, please check my website instead of leaving the question in comments or using LJ mail. You're more likely to find an answer!.*

I have red hair and subsist entirely on Kona coffee.

Other crucial information--such as my books, background, and appearances--can be found by clicking the links below.

Please note: I am HOPELESSLY behind in responding to e-mails and LJ comments right now. Be patient as I catch up!



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