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Hey Richelle! I may be another fan of your books, but ive been reading from book one, up to The Indigo Spell. I lovvvveee every single piece of your work! The best thing i like about it, is that i can relate.
I feel empowered when i read them outloud, like i could play every part and feel like the character! From the beginning, who really caught my attention, was Rose... She started out as a untrained guardian, to a hero! The way she is, defines what makes her different from every Dhampir, every twist and turn of every event, every obstacle you placed in their path, you made the whole thing come to life! If i had that sort of power, i would use it in a heart beat! All im good for is poetry writing. So because i read your books, i envy not just the life the characters are able to live, but your talent to write books so incredible that i could never achieve :) I'd stay awake till midnight just to read a lil bit more of the current book at the time before going to bed. I cant wait for your upcoming movie! i just know you guys will do great.

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