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"It's so hard striking the right balance when I seed these little surprises. I think it's fun if you guys can put clues together, but sometimes I worry it'll be so obscure that I over-foreshadow and make it obvious."

I don't know how others feel, but I really enjoy the obscure--I often re-read your books, and it's nice to read things the second (or third) time and recognize clues that I missed the first (or second) time. So please, if you must err, my vote is to err on the overly obscure rather than the over-foreshadow (how's that for grammar?)

As a second comment, I really liked these "backdates" that explain tidbits of what was going on behind the scenes when you were writing. I hope you do this for your future books--it's really cool to read the thoughts behind the words.
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