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I had mixed feelings about ch 21 and 22. I really enjoyed seeing Sydney using magic to defend herself. Adrian also surprised me by acting brave and protective rather than his usual lazy and coddled manner.

I was really disappointed in Adrian overall though.. I don't think I can ever forgive him for not telling Sydney the truth.. even if he never lets her down again, I'll always remember that. It just took me by surprise that he would show more loyalty to Dimitri and the Alchemists over Sydney?? Why would he pick people he didn't even like over someone he claimed to care about? It just showed that Sydney didn't mean all that much to him.. After everytrhing she'd done for him, she'd more than earnt his trust - she had faith in him when no-one else did, she defended him, she bent over backwards for him, she would run anytime he called, she put his needs before her own.. but as soon as she needed some faith and trust he didn't give her any.. it was so disappointing.. especially when she was in such a dangerous situation, he still was ultimately okay anout leaving her ignorant.. Sydney's smart she would have completely understood what Dimitri and co wanted to do.. after all she took a risk before for everyone when she helped Rose before.. So why wouldn't she take a risk with the earrings when it was a minimal, logical and sensible risk? It kind of broke my heart.. oh and him saying he trusted her before she went was just nonsense because if he did trust her he would have told her the truth.

I hated how Sydney just forgave him and everyone else - especially after she was basically their doormat for months and months, they retuned her kindness by treating her with no trust, faith or honesty. Sydney is such a great heroine, she deserves more than what she got from Adrian and co.

I like Adrian but I'm not convinced yet about him and Sydney.. I don't I ever will be.. I hate that he has so much expericence in relationships, girls and most of all the fact that he was so crazy in love with Rose.. Sydney just seems like a consolation prize - no matter how many romantic things he says/will say to her. I mean nothing he says will really beat the 'Best. Not. Sex. Ever' with Rose. Any passion he may show Sydney won't be special because he had that same passion for Rose. It's unfair that Sydney hasn't experienced any love or even lust with any other guy.. They say you never forget your first love and Rose will always have that claim.. Sydney deserves more than Rose's sloppy seconds.. she deserves to be someone's first and only love.

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