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Welcome to University Book Store

Taking a book club break to give you...some books! Yesterday, I went in to University Book Store and signed their first big batch of Indigo Spell pre-orders (250!), which are due to ship out on release day (February 12). While I was there, I filmed the experience for you (with my phone), to try and help you see what happens behind the scenes when I do these mail orders for them. I'm not sure how useful it is since it gets anti-climactic when I forget to shoot them when they're all ready to be packaged up and shipped.

But, if you're interested in seeing it, you can watch my epic film efforts below! First, a few quick facts:

1. Do I have to order from University Books?
Only if you want autographs! Otherwise, go to Amazon, B&N, your local indie, Target, etc.

2. Is it too late to order one?
Only if you wanted it shipped on release day. You can order my books from them anytime. The next batch will ship out on February 14. Ordering info is here.

3. Do they ship internationally?
Yes. Check the link above.

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This is my first time ordering a signed copy (I had the first two books of Bloodlines signed live and wanted to have the rest of the books in the series match, lol), so it's nice to see how the process works. =) I was also a little concerned on when I would receive the book (since it had to be signed and all), so this makes me feel much better! And btw, you look like a teenager in this video! LOL Must learn your secrets...


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