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I was terrified about having a VA movie come out because I was worried that the casting would be really off. I'm Russian and I have seen so many American actors play Russians and speak with horrible accents and butcher lines terribly to the point that I could not understand what they were saying "in Russian" without subtitles. I was really worried the actors would be really really off or something would be horrible.

But I am now really excited! I like the actors and I'm so psyched they picked a Russian actor - really happy about it. They're not necessarily all the way I imagined them but they're definitely not way off or anything (and they fit age-wise too, that doesn't always happen!). I am also happy that you are in the loop and excited about it, that makes me feel like it's going to be great. Since you're so happy with it, I know I don't have to worry about it (and I only did because seriously VA and Bloodlines are my all-time favorite series and I did not want the movies to be misrepresenting the story :) )

Best of luck with everything!

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