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I already said it, but it's worth saying again.

I was kind of disappointed about how fans reacted to Josh Hutcherson's casting as Peeta. They were not nice. And he ended up overshadowing Liam Hemsworth in the final version of the movie. No one can know for sure why this or that actor got the part, but it must be because they're good. Have faith, you guys.

I personally love the actors! They look like I imagined them. Maybe not so much the actress that plays Lissa, but I agree with what you said. There must be a reason they cast her, and she must be good so I give her my vote of confidence.

Rose! So pretty! I like Zoey! I really, really do. And I've read Margaret Stohl gush about her for moths now, so she must be really good at her job. I'm a happy camper!

And Danila! Oh. My. God. Seriously. There aren't that many pics of him yet (I'm sure that will change in the next few days) but from what I saw, he IS Dimitri. He's got that tough look on him that garantees me passing out. And also his smile.. So sweet *sigh*

I'm so excited. Start making gifs of them already, people-smart-enough-to-know-how-to-make-animated-gifs! I demand animated gifs! ASAP!

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