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Goodreads Chat

Happy Thanksgiving! Word is getting around about my Goodreads Chat on Monday, November 26. I wanted to clear up a few things to help you out. The biggest one is that it's not technically a chat. Basically, there's a special group on GR that you can post questions anytime in--that day or even today. So, there's no real time it starts for you. That's why it's not like a live chat. On Monday, I will do my best to post answers! Please note: we're expecting a big turnout, and it may not be possible for me to get to all of them. Also, if there are a lot of duplicates, I may have to copy and paste some answers, so please don't take offense. I just want to answer as many as I can! The link to join is here.

Speaking of Goodreads...their annual awards are going on, and it's the final round! I've been lucky enough that you guys got me this far in a lot of categories. If you're interested in voting, here are my nominations:

Best Paranormal Fantasy - Shadow Heir

Best Young Adult Fantasy - The Golden Lily

Best Graphic Novel - Frostbite

Best Goodreads Author - Richelle Mead

Like always, though, there are lots and lots of good books and authors there, so I understand if you have a tough choice! :)


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Nov. 27th, 2012 09:11 am (UTC)
Enjoyed your chat.
I know you cannot give things away, however, I am really hoping that Abe appears more in the rest of Bloodlines he is an awesome character! Was wondering if you have read anything about Quantum Mechanic's , String theory , Quantum Realities etc?
I know you said you do not believe in Parallel Realities just wanted to share this with you.

I love your books, Vampire Academy is my favorite YA series and I am in my late 50's. :) My X was a famous musician and we had many talks about how "idea's" are in the ether's and they come to the people who are open to them and at times they come to people at the same time. Edison/ Tesla!
Love you and Nalini Singh amazing writers who create fabulous worlds. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for chatting on Good Reads and just wanted to share a bit more to give you some food for thought.
Looking forward to Feb
( 1 comment — Tell me about it, baby! )
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